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Captain's Coat
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 09:01:48
6 просмотров
  • Captain's Coat Skin screenshot
  • Captain's Coat Skin screenshot
  • Captain's Coat Skin screenshot
  • Captain's Coat Skin screenshot
  • Captain's Coat Skin screenshot
  • Captain's Coat Skin screenshot

I'm quite surprised.

That no one have made this texture edit yet. I have just made a search, and there is barely a team captain skin on this site, and none of them featured the team captain's worn by medic with his coat color.

Well, someone requested this a long time ago. I've to made it. The Team Captain is not paintable, so you can't apply Waterlogged Coat on it... Unless, a texture edit.

Includes VPK and non-vpk.

You can look at Medic's Original Team Captain here: Team Captain - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki

The first screenshot was made in GMOD. I made a close up and put a light (the light didn't went very well on the blue skin), but at least, you got some proper tf2 screenshots as well.

The render has some green stuff, but who cares anyway? I should put black background on the gmod "green screen" area, but I tried to use green, and this is what resulted [I usually use a dark gray for make those renders, and other stuff].

I would do a TF2 Backpack Icon, but I forgot that this hat is also for Soldier and Heavy, so I didn't included (First of all, I haven't even made the bp icon).

Below of the hat, there is a area a little bit darker. Well, That's a shadow effect. If anyone asks (the original skin does also include).

Feel Free to post any type of comment and ratings

*if is according to rules*

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