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New Crit-a-Cola version 3
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 06:08:04
8 просмотров
  • New Crit-a-Cola version 3 Skin screenshot
  • New Crit-a-Cola version 3 Skin screenshot
  • New Crit-a-Cola version 3 Skin screenshot
  • New Crit-a-Cola version 3 Skin screenshot

This is an updated version of my old skin.

It pretty much a Coca-Cola skin for Crit-A-Cola (but different enough to avoid a lawsuit...)

The basic skin is Crit-A-Cola Classic. I've also made and included:

Diet Crit-a-Cola for the weight conscious mercenaries. (Also comes in stylish, shortened version; 'Diet Crit')

And Cherry Crit-a-Cola, for those entirely secure in their masculinity (Or those who have none at all).

As a little bonus, anyone using this bottle model:"/skins/tf2/bonk-energy-drink/bonk-brand-cola.html"made by Mnemosynaut can also enjoy these skins, as I use the bottle and have adapted my labels to fit. No to steal your ideas or anything Mnemosynaut. (Couple changes to make the bottle more Coca-Cola ish: clear glass and brown liquid inside it).

Now for the super special awesome part of the update... Something missing from far too many Bonk/Crit-a-cola skins out there...

Custom Particles!!!

Now when the scout flips out the drink, it actually sprays out brown liquid. Just like real life.


2.5 -Changed glass on bottle, now less white. -Changed cherry bottle to hold cherry soda.

2.6 -Fixed Cherry Bottle having normal soda particles.

3 -Since Valve finally gave Crit-A-Cola its own particles, I have edited the files to work with it. Now Crit-A-Cola has the same particle colors as the last version, but does not overwrite Bonk's particles.


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