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Креативный директор Assassin's Creed Origins Жан Гедон


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Портал GameSpot опубликовал запись полного матча LawBreakers


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Студия Bluehole Studio объявила, что продажи ранней версии


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На E3 студия The Fullbright Company, создавшая Gone Home


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Портал GameSpot выяснил у компании Bethesda


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Портал IGN выпустил новую запись геймплея The Crew 2 с E3 2017.


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Компания Ubisoft представила видео, в котором креативный директор Мишель Ансель


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Студия Ninja Theory выпустила свежий трейлер Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice


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Появилась запись геймплея на карте Lupkow Pass из DLC


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Данный ролик дополнения XCOM 2: War of the Chosen


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Сервис платежей PayPal раскрыл точное время начала и окончания летней распродажи Steam


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К скорому старту продаж Get Even компания Bandai Namco


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В данном ролике показано немного геймплея Code Vein.


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Студия New World Interactive представила на E3 первый трейлер.


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Студия 11 Bit Studios, которую вы можете знать по This War of Mine


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В прошлом году было замечено название Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.


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Компании Devolver Digital и Sloclap привезли на E3 свежую демонстрацию


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В данных видео содержится новый игровой процесс Far Cry 5


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Компания Blizzard опубликовала видео с обзором


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Suicide Bomber Demoman V.2
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 07:38:13
11 просмотров
  • Suicide Bomber Demoman V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Suicide Bomber Demoman V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Suicide Bomber Demoman V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Suicide Bomber Demoman V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Suicide Bomber Demoman V.2 Skin screenshot
Suicide Bomber Demoman
***Do It Yourself Create-A-Terrorist Kit and Manual***
Simple instructions on how to remove or edit the custom models.

Suicide Bomber Demoman Do It Yourself Create-A-Terrorist Kit and Manual Simple instructions on how to remove or edit the custom models.

Included in this Skin:

  • Brand New Dynamite Vest Model
  • New High Resolution Textures
  • Brand New Facial Textures and Hair
  • Extremely High Quality Normals
  • New Gibs and Invulnerability Effects
  • HUD Icon and Sticky Note

  • Here it is! The skin you've all been waiting for! The suicide bomber Demoman! It took a lot of work to make all the new textures, models, and hack this baby!

    Check out our latest releases! Including the FPSB Spray Pack - Show your support to FPSBanana! Download this spray pack! Native American Head Wrap - Complete your Suicide Bomber skin and Hat Collection with this skin!

    Thanks to FallDown, Bramdawg, and Mrkit for their help with the skin! It wouldn't be possible without them. External Download Link to V.1!

    We know that the wrists are very blurry in first person, we are terribly sorry but we can not fix this, believe me we tried! We tried hexing the model, hacking it, and even making extremely high res textures, but nothing works

    An Important Notice

    We are not trying to make this skin offensive to anyone of Islamic religion! This is pure stereotype of what we think a terrorist would look like! Since the original was trashed, we have improved, all mentions of Jihad and anything Islamic have been removed! If this skin gets trashed, then I am being honest with all of you admins, you will be acting in a very corrupt manner.

    If you like my work...

    Remember to..


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