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[DS]: Half-Life Server

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[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Компания Ubisoft приняла решение перенести выход PC-версии Watch Dogs 2 на две недели, до 29 ноября. Дополнительное время разра...

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Один из продюсеров United Front Games объявил о закрытии студии, подтвердив слухи. Интересно, что совсем недавно разработчики ...

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Отличная модель карабина М4 с подствольным гранатометом М203 . Вся модель покрыта комуфляжем «Кровавый тигр».


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Отличная модель на замену стандартному арбалету.

Это очень старая модель, найти ее было не легко так как многие ресурсы были удал...


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Игроки Battlefield 1, уже получившие доступ к игре через сервис EA Access, обнаружили в игре возможность сыграть за птицу. В мисс....

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Фанаты Call of Duty завалили издателей жалобами после старта бета-тестирования Infinite Warfare. Многие игроки просто не могу...

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Отличная модель брутатьного Барни.

Автор : TEPA6ANT 

Цвет модели можно изменять!

Эта модель сделана эксклюзивно д....

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Отличная модель солдата CDC из зомби режима Call of duty : Black Ops.


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Мы хотим представить вам новую систему денег на ваш сервер .

Установка плагина стандартная!

Автор: BIGs

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Компания Ubisoft в честь 30-летия компании сделала Beyond Good & Evil бесплатной в сервисе Uplay. Получить игру могут тольк...

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Студия Crytek объявила дату выхода Robinson: The Journey. В европейских странах, в том числе и в России, игра поступит в продажу 9 ...

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Состоялся выход Shadow Warrior 2 — кровавого экшена про бывшего сегуна Ло Вана, который должен научиться мастерски владе....

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Название игры: S.I.P: Out Life
Жанр: FPS, с элементами RPG
Язык: с++, скрипты lua
G API: DirectX 9
Сайт: sip-game.su
Группа Vk: vk....
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Team Fortress 2


Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 23:26:03
1 просмотр
  • Engi-Bot Skin screenshot
  • Engi-Bot Skin screenshot
  • Engi-Bot Skin screenshot
  • Engi-Bot Skin screenshot
  • Engi-Bot Skin screenshot

The Engineer's job is both vital and demanding. So when he falls ill (either by natural causes or by the Spy employing some biological warfare and infecting the Engi's lunch with diseases), he's stuck at home while his team suffers the lack of his presence. So one day, the Engineer decided to construct his most ambitious buildable yet - the Engi-Bot. It's made to function like him in every way, though he made sure to equip it with a handy "On/Off" switch on its back to ensure it could never go rogue. Today it goes online for the first time.


I've been working on and tweaking this skin nightly for weeks now, and it's finally complete.

It's got the works: selfillum for glow-in-the-dark, custom phong shading to get the metallic look, custom normal maps to give his "skin" surface some bumpiness, the eye colours are animated and go through a couple shades of their team colour (red/orange/yellow for RED and blue/light blue/teal for BLU), and I even did some HUD class icons for them (the last two screenshots show those HUD icons).

The screws seen on the skin are adapted from the Spy's butterfly knife, and the eyes in the goggles were adapted from the Dead Ringer's screen (seemed fitting that Engi would use parts from the tools of slain Spies).

I originally was going to make the hands team-coloured too, but it can't be done without recompiling the hand view model (dammit man I'm a skinner, not a compiler!)

Any ideas for alterations are welcome, and I'll likely also be making these skins for each of the other classes too so any suggestions for those are welcome too (since they don't have to all be uniform to this one either).

I opted for quality over compression, plus animated textures get to be quite large, hence the rather big file size.

Hope you enjoy.

Oh and here's a quick video showing the animated and glow-in-the-dark parts of the texture (it's very dark but that was to highlight the aforementioned parts better):


0mikr0n was so kind as to create a sound pack for this skin, which features new dialogue and voice, packed with references and humour - get it here.


  • Fixed an issue with a weird fire effect appearing on the skin at dx8.1 setting.
  • Enhanced the teeth to stand out more, added a texture to them (Preview).
  • The shades of the eye glow animation may be slightly different, since I had to redo them when altering the teeth.


Cryme Tyme has created an alternate sound pack for this skin, which features the Engi's original dialogue and voice, but with a very cool and fitting robotic effect - get it here.


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