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Girls love engies
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 21:00:05
10 просмотров
  • Girls love engies Skin screenshot
  • Girls love engies Skin screenshot
  • Girls love engies Skin screenshot

Updated : 090318, fix a few bugs and reassign the texture files.

Here are some basic rules i have to clarify:

1.You may not alter the contents in any circumstances. 2.You can redistribute this package(to be exact, nothing more or less) with the readme file unchanged. 3.If the readme file can not be delivered to the end-users, you must credit my name, "Mr. Kit", onto the model page or anywhere the model is presented

new rule: 4. If you decide to reskin this model, you must only uplaod your work as an alternate choice. Do not include any identical content of this package. (ie. if you edit the hair texture, only upload the hair texture; if you edit all 3 textures files, only upload all these 3 textures files. Never upload the models.)

This model is meant to replace the engineer character in TF2. For some reasons i cant get this 2 images worked on this page, so i have to upload them else where more screenshot more screenshot

Known bug/flaw:

  • There is no facial animation at all
  • This girl character is having the original (male) voice. This is currently under progress.
  • list of files: YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\models\player\engineer.dx80.vtx YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\models\player\engineer.dx90.vtx YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\models\player\engineer.mdl YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\models\player\engineer.phy YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\models\player\engineer.sw.vtx YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\models\player\engineer.vvd

    YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_red_invun.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_red_invun.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_red.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_red.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_blue_invun.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_blue_invun.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_blue.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_blue.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_head_blue_invun.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_head_blue_invun.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_head_blue.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_head_blue.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_head_red_invun.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_head_red_invun.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_head_red.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engineer_head_red.vtf

    YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_hair_blue_invun_kit.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_hair_blue_invun_kit.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_hair_blue_kit.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_hair_blue_kit.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_hair_red_invun_kit.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_hair_red_invun_kit.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_hair_red_kit.vmt YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_hair_red_kit.vtf YourAcc\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\engineer\engie_NORM_kit.vtf

    Note: If anyone wants a custom player model to be done, pm me or email me @ kwbingo@yahoo.com.hk. There is always a bargain on the price.

    To see more of my skins, click here

    Mr. Kit Mar 09 2009


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