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Aya's Hauchiwa Fan
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-03-09 04:22:39
11 просмотров
  • Aya's Hauchiwa Fan Skin screenshot
  • Aya's Hauchiwa Fan Skin screenshot
  • Aya's Hauchiwa Fan Skin screenshot
  • Aya's Hauchiwa Fan Skin screenshot

An hauchiwa fan is a fan made of feathers, commonly carried by mystic japanese creatures called Tengu that look partly human and partly animal (most of them are depicted with a red face and a long nose).

This fan was inspired by the one carried by Aya Shameimaru, a crow Tengu, in the danmaku-type, shoot-em up game "Touhou Project 10 ~ Mountain of Faith".

Well, that was some real wikipedia-like description! So today I was bored, some guy mailed me about doing it, he also send me this picture for inspiration, and I decided to spend my day doing it. The end.

Oh, and the team coloured jewel shines in the dark! And of course, both the feathers and the rope under the handle are jiggle boned.

AND IF THIS WASN'T CLEAR, this skin replaces the Fan'O War.

Known Bugs that I don't know how to fix: -occasionally (usually when swinging the fan for a long time), the jiggle bones in the feathers will break and make a 180° rotation. You can fix this by switching weapons.

UPDATE(August 3rd, 2011): Added VideoG's script allowing the blu skin to show up on first person view.


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