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Team Fortress 2

H.Gaspar's HD Clean TF2 Gibs Pack

H.Gaspar's HD Clean TF2 Gibs Pack
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 01:26:20
21 просмотр
  • H.Gaspar's HD Clean TF2 Gibs Pack Skin screenshot
  • H.Gaspar's HD Clean TF2 Gibs Pack Skin screenshot
  • H.Gaspar's HD Clean TF2 Gibs Pack Skin screenshot
  • H.Gaspar's HD Clean TF2 Gibs Pack Skin screenshot
  • H.Gaspar's HD Clean TF2 Gibs Pack Skin screenshot

Please read description first! Hecates Gaspar's HD Clean TF2 Gibs (v3)

OK! The pictures looks horrible, I know. It's a video hardware problem I have (they are old!) So, instead of judge the pictures, DOWNLOAD the pack and see for yourself!

Updates! . Fixed Red Spy mask to fit his actual color. . Fixed Engie's top helmet showing a brown stripe. . Fixed Soldiers face not fitting his head gib correctly. . Fixed a bunch of things on all skins. . Made all bloody holes darker. . Made smaller 1024x512 alternative size for all skins. . Add a Beta Style Gib alternative option (both 2014x1024 and 1024x512 sizes) for all skins. . Add a bunch of minor details that was boggering me. . Heavyweapons Guy hand gib now apears to have a glove. . Add an alternative clean skeleton for Insaneicide's Zombie Pack. . Add a Dynamite old arm logo patch for the Demoman (not for BETA skin). . Updated Engineer's gibs. . Updated Demoman's gibs for the new arm logo. . The Bomb arm logo of the Demoman was transferred to an optional file. (like the Dynamite one)

IMPORTANT! This pack do not contain the Insanecide's Zombie Models! If you have interest on them you need to download at:


Special thanks to:

Smiechu for the Beta Red Soldier. Ravenant100 for the other classes Beta Skins.

Insaneicide for the Zombie Pack skeleton skin.

If you are looking for a bloody stained gib version, visit: http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/89549

... Hello everyone!

This was one of my greatest achieves! Since I started to play TF2 I was wondering: Dude! This game is so awesome! But, what's the matter with those body parts? They are so oddly textured. Well, after a wile, I use a version I founded here on FPSBANANA as well, and they've worked pretty well for a wile... But, I was not as much satisfied as I could get. SO! I decided to make my own textures. And so they wore born! They are not just a texture replaced by the character's actual model sheet. Some just needed to be adapted to fit the gibs on the right place, and others needed to have almost everything changed from places. I spend a couple days trying and cleaning and testing and drawing... And they are working pretty well ^^

There are more to come... But all classes have his body gibs here ready to show up on your game! There are some personal touches on some body parts (such as an eye appearing) Bu no "Dirty Gibs!" covered on blood, just the part clean and bright! (minus the boned parts)

But wait! This is just phase 1!

If you are a fan of TF2 gore and bloody battler as I am (do am I?) I will be soon making them looks like they have been on a blender and dripped on the battle field*

*I'll be making a bloody version, no jokes anymore. Not really, I'll continue making jokes... But I'll really make a blood stained version too!

So (please) give me a good feedback of those gibs and I'll be sure they will come really nicer next time! XD

(and maybe special Beta Style gibs too. Just waiting a special answer ^^)

Gratefully for your attention, H.Gaspar


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