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Hello Kitty Weapons Guy
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 04:21:32
6 просмотров
  • Hello Kitty Weapons Guy Skin screenshot
  • Hello Kitty Weapons Guy Skin screenshot
  • Hello Kitty Weapons Guy Skin screenshot

This replaces the skin on Heavy weapons guy from Team Fortress 2 with a Hello Kitty shirt and stuff. I made this mod to show 2 things i like alot, and that is Heavy Weapons Guy, and Hello Kitty ^^ This a bit like a joke mod and is not taken seriously on TF2 even if you really want to take it seriously and want to complain XD It is also my first skin for TF2 but it is not the first time i mod a game. I used to skin and mod for Fallout 3 and other games, so im not a total n00b hehe ^^

Remember that this skin is not for everyone, so if you are an paranoid homophobe or simply dont like Hello Kitty, why did you clicked on my mod anyway? lol

Anyways, look below if you want to know how to install and uninstall the mod incase you are new to installing mods or so.


after you have extracted the files, you place the materials folder here C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Steam Username\team fortress 2\tf

Uninstalling the skins is easy, just delete the materials folder unless you have tons of mods installed there, if so, delete just hvyweapon_blue and hvyweapon_Red where you finds in materials\models\player\hvyweapon

Things i sould do in the future update

Change the Blue heavy to be more Blue than pink. Try to convince people that i used Photoshop CS3, not paint. Try to improve the skins so they look better, maybe i sould start from the beginning again :) Change the Minigun bullets to make sure that they DONT look like dildos XD Perhaps change the little Avatar icon on the lower left corner of the screen to an Hello Kitty wearing an Minigun XD

Special Thanks to

Sanrio for Hello Kitty Valve for Team Fortress 2 SANDVICH! And to you fellow members of FPSBanana ^^

PS: This skin is NOT for everyone, so dont come here and complain that it does not fitt into TF2, but if you got any critic you want to share, i be happy to hear it, otherwise, no thanks.


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