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Terminator style skin Ver.3
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-19 08:21:09
7 просмотров
  • Terminator style skin Ver.3 Skin screenshot
  • Terminator style skin Ver.3 Skin screenshot
  • Terminator style skin Ver.3 Skin screenshot
  • Terminator style skin Ver.3 Skin screenshot
  • Terminator style skin Ver.3 Skin screenshot

Terminator Heavy Skin Version3 (Updated release of Version.2)

In Version.3 i have pulled out all the stops and did a Total heavy releated converstion. you might be siting there thinking, "what does that mean/include for me ?" well, in Version 3 you get :

  • Moved Faceplate in line with right eye
  • Improved the stretching problem with metal on arms
  • Improved a Leg problem to make it look more realistic
  • Created normal mapping on areas to improve detail
  • Added more detail to metal areas and overall body
  • Matching HUD image
  • First person view hands
  • Third person view hands ( Was 'VERY' difficult to get lined up and looking right !! )
  • Invun. mode skin for Uber Mode
  • Blue Lasor eye for blue team included (user choice, red = default )
  • Custom terminator style Mini-Gun Crosshiar
  • Added changes to Spy class to fit in with terminator skin (includes mask and HUD changes)
  • Added matching heavy Gibs
  • Added Bullet holes and Rip in jacket for added vissual's

  • I tied to fix and improve everything that People were asking for to see in the new release I also tried to create an Animated and Glowing Robotic eye but it just doesnt want to work ingame. I opted out of changing the clothes in this version and adding sounds as it was proving very time consuming ( but i more than likely will release them at a later stage ) Im going to learn to Model for TF2, so that i can improve V.4 to a much higher standard as i was limited to what i could and wanted to do for this release.

    please leave your feed back and add to Favs please. thanks for all your feedback on my other skins.

    install to the usual place read the read me

    Version.4 To Do List :

    1) Learn how to model for TF2 and create a terminator Model 2) Improvments that were not completed in Ver.3 example Sounds, Clothes, Eye

    [NRG]Mc CLane


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