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Medic Eirin (090826)
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 04:54:07
11 просмотров
  • Medic Eirin (090826) Skin screenshot
  • Medic Eirin (090826) Skin screenshot
  • Medic Eirin (090826) Skin screenshot

Updated(2009 Aug 26): This skin is now updated with new gibs and touou theme hats. See attached images for more detail. I am also glad to tell everybody that our touhou homepage is now up and running, though it is still under construction. For full content of most updated skins/models, voicepack, HUD, credit and screenshots, please bookmark us at: /go/1416.lnk

We need your help as an voice actress

Here are some basic rules i have to clarify:

1.You may not alter the contents in any circumstances. 2.You can redistribute this package(to be exact, nothing more or less) with the readme file unchanged. 3.If the readme file can not be delivered to the end-users, you must credit my name, "Mr. Kit", onto the model page or anywhere the model is presented

  1. If you decide to reskin this model, you must only uplaod your work as an alternate choice. Do not include any identical content of this package. (ie. if you edit the hair texture, only upload the hair texture; if you edit all textures files, only upload all these textures files. Never upload the models.)

This model is meant to replace the medic character in TF2. The making of this character is inspired by Eirin Yagokoro in Touhou Project. (more info)

This package does not contain hwm models. For your convenience, if you happen to join a pure server(after leaving an non-pure one) and see custom models being invisible,

type this in the console "mp_usehwmmodels 1" and it will reload the official models into game. Type "mp_usehwmmodels 0" when you join non-pure servers

Known bug/flaw: The well-made and more-organized soundpack is under progress. A temporary soundpack can be downloaded in the following link:

Since the soundpack is just for temporary use, it is not included in this package. Files are hosted on the following sites. By downloading this soundpack, you would understand that this voice package is only for temporary use. YOU WILL MAKE NO COMPLAINTS AGAINST THIS WORK. Special thanks to photohunt for making this voicepack


mirror site: http://rapidshare.com/files/251859690/tf_medic_SOUND_2009_Jul_04.zip.html

Notice: We need your help as an voice actress. If you are interested in voice acting this character voluntarily, please visit the following link. We greatly appreciate your help. Voice Acting Alliance Forums

Hud logos

were made and can be downloaded here: /uploads/files/autoload/570ecc307eb0a_hud_collaboration_v1.0.zip

Files listings(sound pack files are listed in the soundpack readme):

tf\materials\models\player\medic\eye-iris.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\eyeball_l.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\eyeball_r.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_blue.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_blue.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_blue_gib.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_blue_invun.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_hands_blue.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_hands_blue.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_hands_red.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_hands_red.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_blue.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_blue_invun.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_red.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_red.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_red_invun.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_walpha_blue.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_walpha_blue_invun.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_walpha_red.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_head_walpha_red_invun.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_normal.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_red.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_red.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_red_gib.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\medic_red_invun.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\mhand.vtf tf\materials\models\player\medic\mhand_blue.vmt tf\materials\models\player\medic\mhand_red.vmt

tf\models\player\medic.dx80.vtx tf\models\player\medic.dx90.vtx tf\models\player\medic.mdl tf\models\player\medic.phy tf\models\player\medic.sw.vtx tf\models\player\medic.vvd

tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_medic_arms.mdl tf\models\weapons\v_models\v_bonesaw_medic.mdl tf\models\weapons\v_models\v_medigun_medic.mdl tf\models\weapons\v_models\v_syringegun_medic.mdl


Mr. Kit - Modeller/Producer TafJaf - Sponsor Po-ki - Project Manager Mystia Lorelei - Sketch/Art Consultant XekuZwei, Gandalph - Huds' logo Special thanks to: Mythic, Kirameki, Kuiper, YuKaRi, Panda-Fire, PicnicBasket and everyone in the Touhou Fortress 2 Steam group


If the skins are not shown properly, try the following:

  • reinstall the skins properly, following this tutorial or this
  • go into console and make sure "mp_usehwmmodels" is set to 0. Setting "mp_usehwmmodels" to 1 will load the official models back into game
  • go into console, type sv_pure and make sure that the server you are playing on would allow custom contents
  • seeing skins in wireframe or totally invisble is the result of joining a server that has different 'pure' setting than the previous server you joined. Simply restart the game or use the "mp_usehwmmodels" trick mentioned above. More info here

  • Note: Custom models/textures/voices will not work on pure servers. Note: This package includs the hacked view models. They are not recompiled, but only a simple hacking twist. It should not cause any instability issues. Note: If anyone wants a custom player model to be done, pm me or email me @ kwbingo@yahoo.com.hk. There is always a bargain on the price.

    Mr. Kit Jul 26 2009


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