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Это плагин который способен изменить GameDescription вашего сервера . это можно использовать в целях рекламы и т.д

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Тутор по установке SteamCMD на Linux

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Плагин служит для подключения на другой сервер по указанному IP. Его можно указать в исходнике

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HWM Jarate Fix
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 06:26:11
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  • HWM Jarate Fix Skin screenshot
  • HWM Jarate Fix Skin screenshot
  • HWM Jarate Fix Skin screenshot

Since Valve was too lazy to update the HWM player model faces for the new Jarate system (as of the Classless Update), I did it for them! It's a simple VMT edit, but it makes a world of difference. Now the faces are actually yellow! See the third image for what they looked like before (i.e. they didn't turn yellow at all).

And just in case, a little info for the uneducated: HWM or "Hardware Morph" models are a hidden in-game option that uses alternative player models in place of the default ones. These alternative models have extra facial textures that allow the faces to dynamically wrinkle and stretch with the characters' changing expressions. They look really nice. To enable them, add these two cvars to your autoexec.cfg:

mp_usehwmmodels 1 mp_usehwmvcds 1

You MUST enable them BOTH when you want them on or disable BOTH when you want them off. The top cvar enables the models and the bottom cvar enables their facial animations. Failure to turn them BOTH on/off will result in severely screwed up facial animations.

Also as always: to install, copy "materials" to your "tf" directory in steamapps/team fortress 2. Select "yes" to any overwrite prompt (if no overwrite prompts come up, you did something wrong).



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