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AvBM Ultra Skin Pack (4/19/09)
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 23:46:12
8 просмотров
  • AvBM Ultra Skin Pack (4/19/09) Skin screenshot
  • AvBM Ultra Skin Pack (4/19/09) Skin screenshot
  • AvBM Ultra Skin Pack (4/19/09) Skin screenshot
  • AvBM Ultra Skin Pack (4/19/09) Skin screenshot
  • AvBM Ultra Skin Pack (4/19/09) Skin screenshot


The purpose of this pack is to bring the many Aperture and Black Mesa skins that I've found together, so as to skin everything in TF2 in order to make it look like Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science instead of Red vs. Blu, respectively. This pack was originally pieced together using the creations of the following skin artists, and all praise/comments/criticisms on how each piece looks should go to the following people for their respective skins.

Note: There is a link to each individual contributors skin underneath each of their names. If you only want a part of the pack, I suggest going to those instead.

CREATOR [SKIN] Omrikon [Join Team Door Decals]"/skins/tf2/other/aperture-vs-black-mesa-doors.html"Amen [Toolbox, Teleporters, Intel, and Clean SyringeGun]"/skins/tf2/buildables/aperture-vs-mesa-teleporters.html"http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/40808"/skins/tf2/other/aperture-vs-mesa-toolbox.html"http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/62798 Ouendanation [Killing Gloves of Boxing]"/skins/tf2/killing-gloves-of-boxing/as-vs-bm-k-g-b-version-2-0.html"Sgt. Pepper [Bonk! Energy Drink and Orange HUD effects]"/skins/tf2/bonk-energy-drink/bm-vs-as-energy-drinks.html"http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/51170 Sid 6.7 [Sentry and Dispenser]"/skins/tf2/buildables/apt-bm-sentries.html"http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/44834 FoxDragoon [Flare Gun]"/skins/tf2/flare-gun/black-mesa-aperture-1-1.html"Kyyp [Character Skins and Level Decals]"/skins/tf2/packs/black-mesa-vs-aperture-science-players.html"http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/37056 -fade [Cigarette Case Pack] "/skins/tf2/disguise-case/aperture-s-and-black-mesa.html"Sharblu Pyrohilus [Blu Cigarette Case]"/skins/tf2/disguise-case/black-mesa-disguise-case-1-1.html"Super Tongue [Red Cigarette Case]"/skins/tf2/disguise-case/aperture-laboratories-stealth.html"(also, check out his site here: http://omgclan.com)

This pack was last looked at/modified on 4/19/2009. New skins posted after this date have not been added yet, but will be as soon as humanly expected.

Note: Though there are other Aperture and Black Mesa related skins (namely for the pistol and the Soldier's shovel and such), those are NOT INCLUDED since the skins for those are the same regardless of team, and the purpose of the pack is to make sure that anything Blu is Aperture Science skinned and that anything Red is Black Mesa skinned. Unless you know of a way to make such skins different for each side, please do not complain about such things. Thank you.

To install the pack, unzip the contents, preferably to "Steam\steamapps\\team fortress 2\" that way, all the contents in the tf folder in the zip file will go where they are supposed to automatically otherwise, you can just copy each part manually from their locations in folders such as "models" and

"materials", piece by piece.

ALL THIS BROUGHT TO YOU BY [1n0]Omrikon (currently known as [1n0] Dr. Zoidberg)


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