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Benjamuffin's Spyro!
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 21:39:14
14 просмотров
  • Benjamuffin's Spyro! Skin screenshot
  • Benjamuffin's Spyro! Skin screenshot
  • Benjamuffin's Spyro! Skin screenshot

Ever wondered what the Pyro does with all the enemy Spys he kills?

No? I know I have! Turns out he made his OWN disguise from it.

Meet the Spyro

Not quite Pyro, not quite Spy! And... Ah forget it;

It's team colored Spy outfits for the Pyro


I didn't have time to take any DECENT screenshots, so PLEASE, PLEASE! Download this and try it in-game. The shots really don't do this skin justice.

Took a while getting the pinstripe to match on all the pieces too!.

There are two versions, one with the Pyro's original lighting/shine etc. And one with a modified set of VMT's which dull down the shine on the suit and mask a tad. I reccomend this version but if you want to keep the original Pyro shine, I have added that for you to choose between.


****READ**** To those who keep commenting links to another Pyro/Spy themed crossover skin with the same name, on a game called "Killing Floor". Iʻve donʻt own or play this game, so why the hell would I have seen that this skin exists? I donʻt go into the skin section for that game because i donʻt own it!

My point is, I didnʻt copy it. Itʻs purely a coincidental skin. Itʻs from an entirely different game and I wouldnʻt spend time making a skin I didnʻt think I had come up with myself. (Unless of course it was a request).

Anyway, to clarify, NO I did not base this skin on one from the game "Killing Floor", so please donʻt accuse me of stealing someone elseʻs hard work. Iʻm not that low...


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