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Skeleton Scout V.2
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 11:23:20
7 просмотров
  • Skeleton Scout V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Skeleton Scout V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Skeleton Scout V.2 Skin screenshot

here is the final version of the skeleton scout it has all the things that the original release should have had

*change log since release 1

 added gibs
 added LOD's
 added player hud and selection menu icons
 added v_models
 added c_scout_arms
 added player source released rigs and such
 evil_ice added new bone textures

as you can see from the change log i have added alot of stuff the player source stuffs took FOREVER to figure out how to get the lod's out of .dmx form

i have added some gibs (scout_gib005a, b, and c) these are the replacements for the arm gibs and the other crap (gib003 is not included in the qc so it doesnt come out when gibbed)

i wanted to get facial animations but superaldo didnt contact me so that didnt happen D:

the player source stuffs when compared to the first version are much better

the v_models replace the default weapons only whereas the c_scout_arms replace the just the arms not any replacements you have for those models

me and bolty danced around the idea of a flaming head but decided not to do it

jjjrmy was going to do the icons but i got impatient and did them myself

NeoDement (or Dement on here) was going to do the v_model preperation but i got impatient after a couple of weeks of asking (had previous promises so i am not mad... rather, understanding)

on a final note i have a poll on wich one i should do next the spy is in the works and someone wanted the soldier after that so yeah vote for the next one in my profile as for the pyro i am not sure to do give me some ideas because i am clueless (not really, "clueless" but i have a couple of ideas but i would rather have some input instead)

and for those of who want to see it i have a comparison shot of the original compile and the source stuffs compile


*extract models and materials to TF


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