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Team Fortress 2

Spazzy Mcspazatron for the Shotgun

Spazzy Mcspazatron for the Shotgun
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-04 15:16:39
8 просмотров
  • Spazzy Mcspazatron for the Shotgun Skin screenshot
  • Spazzy Mcspazatron for the Shotgun Skin screenshot
  • Spazzy Mcspazatron for the Shotgun Skin screenshot


Im gonna make V.2 but i wont be making the model because someone allready made a spas-12 model. Im just gonna change the texture a bit (maybe team color it) and apply it to: engineer, scout, pyro, hoovy and soldier. Im gonna try custom animating the c_models because im gonna do the same to another model im gonna apply to another weapon (i may not because the owner hasnt PM me back). I want to thank the people that told me not to cancel V.2 for calming me down. I gota get off now but ill cya all in some hours.


V.2 is cancelled! I wont be working on this model anymore and i wont make it look like a spas 12!

this is a model i made when i was bored and wanted to try and make a shotgun. It was suppose to be a spas-12 but later i changed it into my own model. Ladies and Mentlegen i meen gentlemannes. Let me introduce you to my first custom made model that i releaed called... Spazzy Mcspazatron! Enjoy the model and please comment and rate :D PS: theres 3 parts on this model that got screwed up but im gonna try to fix that. Put this in steamapps/(yourname)/team fortress 2


Im gonna make a weapon for the demoman that i want to contribute. Only problem is that i dont know how to contribute a item so when its finished i hope someone can contribute it for me. I will put up a WIP page when i made a concept art and made the model. I can allready say that the model im making now will be much more detailed and more smooth than this one. This was just something i did when i was bored. Here are the details on the weapon im making:

Name: The Scottish _____________ Class: Demoman Weapon: Grenade Launcher Damage: +25 more than original. Direct hit with crit is instant kill (same for the player himself). Effect: it goes much further than the original grenade launcher but it explodes directly when it hits something. The carrier moves +10 faster after losing 10 hp (this goes all the way til he has only half his health left then the speed stops at where it is). Carrier can not get healed or use melee weapon until this weapon runs out of ammo. Ammo: 1 shot then reload. 9 extra ammo Others: craft SR and reclaimed to get it.

So if someone can contribute this when its done (and give me a name before its done) i will be very happy.

PS: the person that gives me the name i love most will have the name on the weapon.

The contribute weapon will look like this one except its reloaded a diffirent way: http://www.japanairsoftguns.com/store/images/products/cawm79wood.jpg


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