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Supacasey's Overhauled Rifle
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-19 08:12:10
7 просмотров
  • Supacasey's Overhauled Rifle Skin screenshot
  • Supacasey's Overhauled Rifle Skin screenshot
  • Supacasey's Overhauled Rifle Skin screenshot
  • Supacasey's Overhauled Rifle Skin screenshot

+-+-+ Supacasey's Overhauled Rifle +-+-+

My first weapon skin! Huzzah! And what an... "Experience" it was, took me almost a week straight to make! It includes:

-Blue scope lenses -Blue rim scope HUD to match the lense -"100%" charge icon in the HUD changed to the Grey Matter achievement icon -Visual and World normal maps with custom phong for best effect -Wood grain rifle stock

-+-FAQ-+- I gave an early copy of the skin to my friends to see what they thought, and these were some questions they asked.

Q: Is the new charge icon always there? A: Nope. Acts exactly like the old "100%" did, gradually appears as the meter reaches full, and becomes solid when it's fully charged.

Q: Does the blue rim warp anything in the edge of sight like the normal one does? A: Yup, it's purely just a new color, acts just like the normal one does.


Kyle for letting me use his scope as a visual example

90SK for letting me use his wood grain stocks as a visual example

(To clarify, I did NOT just cut 'n paste from their skins into mine, I re-made them myself from scratch with an additional twist for the personal experience and so I could honestly say I made this skin 100% myself. Also, although I did PM 90SK asking if I could use his wood grain stocks as examples for my skin, he never replied. So technically, he didn't say yes OR no. So 90SK, if for whatever reason you didn't want me using your skin as a reference, say the word and I'll take the skin down)

And Valve, of course, for this awesome game! :)


Drag "materials" in the "Supacasey's Overhauled Rifle" folder from the RAR into Steam>steamapps>(Your name)>team fortress 2>tf


Try it before you rate it! The pics don't do this baby justice! Thanks, Bananites!


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