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The Minimalist's Munitions [Set]
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 17:12:58
7 просмотров
  • The Minimalist's Munitions [Set] Skin screenshot
  • The Minimalist's Munitions [Set] Skin screenshot
  • The Minimalist's Munitions [Set] Skin screenshot
  • The Minimalist's Munitions [Set] Skin screenshot
  • The Minimalist's Munitions [Set] Skin screenshot

Before you rage about the existing 'Scopeless Sniper Rifle' skin that I 'Stole', I didn't JUST remove the scope and edit the texture. I based this model off of an existing 'upgraded' model that I will be releasing in the future with an entire pack of Sniper fixes, enhancements, and general improvements. You'll know when that happens.
Also, notably, I didn't half the resolution of the texture for it unlike the author of the other Scopeless Sniper Rifle.


p> After seeing the [good looking skin] by [Ti|Nith], I became inspired to make an actual set of skins similar to it. The real issue resided in the fact that I noticed the entire texture for his Sniper Rifle was half the size of the default one for some reason. So, after some model and texture editing, this was born.


p> Weapon names (In order of screenshots):

Sniper Rifle --> The No-Hoper's No-Scoper
SMG --> The Minority's Machine-Gun
Kukri (Machete) --> The Bloke's Blade
    Phew, that was a mouthful. Anywho, time to list the features:
  • Remodeled & corrected the position of the Sniper Rifle's barrel (No strange offset from the bone position)
  • Edited the textures (obviously) to look appropriate
  • Remodeled the SMG's barrel to look much better in first person
  • LODs, of course
  • Kill icons included for the knife and SMG (Probably not compatible with some skins that use custom kill icons)

    And now a list of known issues, because you should be aware of problems with the skin before you download it, use it, find out for yourself, and complain to me about it.

  • Festive variant of the Sniper Rifle may look a bit odd. It's nothing major, but I'll fix it eventually.
  • Australiums are probably broken. Expect it to happen. I don't know WHY they're broken, but they probably are. It actually works fine
  • There are no backpack icons. I have a good reason though: I haven't the slightest idea how to make the 'Bucket' styled versions. I could make the normal icons but they'd look out of place to people who actually use the truly stock weapons.
  • The bolt and chain have switched positions for users of stock animations. This is due to the fact that I fixed something far before Valve did. Corrected

[May also look nice with this.]


p> Honestly, this set was just an idea I came up with after seeing the existing skin. Could it have been done better justice? Probably. But I haven't submitted something for a while, so I figured I'd put SOMETHING here to make it at least look like I'm busy working (Which is misleading because I've actually been working on a future project previously mentioned)

Installation instructions:
Extract the contents of the .ZIP
Move the single .VPK file to your custom folder (Team Fortress 2\tf\custom)


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