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Concept Art Soldier
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 08:19:07
9 просмотров
  • Concept Art Soldier Skin screenshot
  • Concept Art Soldier Skin screenshot
  • Concept Art Soldier Skin screenshot
  • Concept Art Soldier Skin screenshot
  • Concept Art Soldier Skin screenshot

Hey folks,

Finally! This is my second skin. I had this completed over a month ago but I never released it, so here it is.

What is this? This is a skin for the Soldier in TF2. The goal was to make the Soldier resemble Valve's concept art for him.

There are two versions available. The 'Original' version attempts to recreate the concept art as closely as possible. However, I foresaw some complaints about it being difficult to ID the soldier, as there is not much red in the skin. The second version-- the 'High Visibility' version-- brightenes the red on his shirt, collar, and grenades, and adds a solid red patch on his sleeves. These changes can make him easier to read in game.

Here's a list of everything that is included in this pack:

-Soldier Skin: The basic skin. -HUD Icon: Note that I was not able to get this to work properly in game. I think that Valve broke the HUD and bucket icons with the Spy/Sniper update. But I have included this anyway so that when Valve fixes it everything will be correct. -Class Select Icon: For when you are messing with your loadout or changing your character. -Soldier Gibs: So that when you blow a Soldier up they don't suddenly revert to the old colors. These are higher resolution than the originals. I was unable to replicate Valve's blood on these gibs, so I made my own. The blood is a little more cartoony than Valve's, but it serves it's purpose. -Soldier Uber skin: This is so that your jacket doesn't suddenly change to the old insignia when you're ubered (and for other discrepancies.) It's higher resolution than Valve's original. -Soldier Sleeves: So that the skin matches in first person. -Spy's Soldier Mask: This changes the Spy's Soldier mask to have an olive drab helmet to match the new skin. -New Uniform Locker: This makes the Soldier's spare helmet in the uniform locker prop the same olive drab color as in the skin. I also attempted to fix some other minor things, the most notable was that I updated the insignia on the Pyro's suit (before it used the beta icon.)

Originally I wanted to include a new model with this that used the cylinder type grenades (that the Pyro uses) in place of the Soldier's frag grenades, as well as add two more pouches to the Soldier's belt (note that in the concept he has four, not two.) I would also like to make his helmet more dented and beat up. If I ever get the hang of modelling this is something I'll work on. Additionally I wanted to release the Class Select Inactive Icon with this set, but I couldn't get mine to match the other inactive icons. Sorry.

OKAY. Any tips, suggestions or feedback is appreciated. I am still new to skinning so this was a learning experience for me, but I tried to make it the best possible. The screenshots are not very good, if you have any interest in this at all try it out for yourself in game. Let me know if something can be improved.

Thanks for looking!


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