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The Burning Sensation
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 09:34:45
7 просмотров
  • The Burning Sensation Skin screenshot
  • The Burning Sensation Skin screenshot
  • The Burning Sensation Skin screenshot

--Description-- This, my good readers, is The Burning Sensation. Forged from the very mind of someone that you do not know. Imagined and made by a complete stranger to you. A newcomer to the land of reskinning.

This skin was made from his fiery desire to set things on fire and burn and torch and... ..I'm getting ahead of myself.

--The Story-- A lone man sits on a bench... Backwards hardhat, overalls, your normal redneck. An engineer, a man of great knowledge and pastime of building... Practical things. This man is clearly a genius.

As he sits on his bench, he listens to the soft beeping of a auto-sentry near him. He easily gets up and walks over to his masterpiece, and slowly strokes it, as if it were his pet... "Now this is a fine piece of work." --he mumbles.

The man grabs his wrench, another device of his, and tinkers with the sentry. He seems in content with his current rig, installing a new laserlight, and a shield to go along. Getting up, he subconsciously leaves his prized scrap-metal wrench atop the sentry.

As he walks back to his bench, the sentry sharply turns and begins to open fire. Rocks, ground, trees, all ripped to shreds. The Engineer chuckles, "Good boy, git 'em."

He suddenly realizes... He has left his prized wrench on top of the rapidly heating sentry! It will melt for sure! The Engineer jumps up from his relaxed position, grumbling quite loudly now. He quickly grabs his wrench off of the sentry, which was calmed now after killing a 12yr-old idiot who hit it with a ball.

Expecting the wrench to be superheated too, The Engineer immediately hurled it into a nearby pond. A loud sizzling sound could he heard, and The Engineer proceeded to retrieve it. When he brought the wrench from the murky depths, the tips were still glowing red-hot. The Engineer puzzled for a second, stood up, and chuckled once more...

"This is gonna be a real fine day."

Dr. Firebug's first (uploaded) skin everyone. Criticism is kindly appreciated.


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