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Team Fortress 2

Accurate 10th Doctor(Who) Suits V2.5 [UPDATED!]

Accurate 10th Doctor(Who) Suits V2.5 [UPDATED!]
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 18:44:09
7 просмотров
  • Accurate 10th Doctor(Who) Suits V2.5 [UPDATED!] Skin screenshot
  • Accurate 10th Doctor(Who) Suits V2.5 [UPDATED!] Skin screenshot
  • Accurate 10th Doctor(Who) Suits V2.5 [UPDATED!] Skin screenshot
  • Accurate 10th Doctor(Who) Suits V2.5 [UPDATED!] Skin screenshot

READ NEW VERSIONS!"/skins/tf2/spy/muffin-s-new-who-pack-spy-suits-dead-ringer.html"**********

And it's done! I have received your thoughts on my V1! Some of which echoed my own. (though at the time I was too lazy to correct or fix them): - Pinstripe are closer, thinner and more subtle yet retain their blue color. - Colors have been modified to be more screen accurate rather than color accurate as the original brown shows up too brightly in-game. - Masks have been edited to blend better to their suits color. - Converse have added mock laces and white sides/bottoms (yet retain sole detail underneath)

I may have missed a few notes above but there are still one or two things I need to fix anywho. Overall this is much cleaner and sharper!

Oh and also I thanked anyone who assisted in getting this looking better! Enjoy!


NOTE: My Master's Fob Watch/Chameleon Arch has been released! Download it at: http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/81093

"Being a loyal fan of Doctor Who and seeing that the current Doctor (David Tennant) has now left us. I decided to create something to honor the passing incarnation.

Here we have an accurate skin of both suits worn by the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who!

I have in my home, two fabric clippings. One from the brown suit itself taken from an exhibition of the props in London, and the other a blue suit clipping from an end roll of the material used to make the blue suit.

I have a copy/replicated version of several neckties worn by David Tennant in the series also, so like to think of myself as somewhat of an authority on accuracy with them!

The colors for the brown suit are accurate to the screen used item, though don't translate as realistically into the Team Fortress world. The blue suit still needs work though apart from the blue being ever so slightly needing a tune up, it's as accurate as need be.

V2 will include better converse and tuned up colors."

-[NOTE: I will be adding images showing my fabric clippings along with my replicated fob watch for future interest in comparison]-


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