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Engineer's Fist!
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-02 17:29:40
11 просмотров
  • Engineer's Fist! Skin screenshot
  • Engineer's Fist! Skin screenshot
  • Engineer's Fist! Skin screenshot

Like the Gunslinger because it lets you punch things? Dislike the fact you need to chop off your hand to use it? Want to be more manly?

Well my friends, this modification awnser all your prayers. Drop that ol' wrench and start killing people the way a MAN should! With is BARE DAMN HANDS.

Download this skin and not only will your fists be as strong as a large metal object, but you will be able to FORCE buildings to repair and upgrade THEMSELVES by PUNCHING THEM INTO SUBMISSION.

Worried about repercussions of using a different weapon's animations on a different weapon? Well SMARTEN UP I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.

Anyway, the Gunslinger and Wrench share the exact same range, damage, and attack speed. So it'll be just like using the Gunslinger, except with your natural hand! Also everyone else sees you carrying around a wrench like you should be because THEY JUST CAN'T COMPREHEND YOUR MANLINESS.

Also NO WORLD VIEW. What, do you want it to look like every other Engi is just as manly as you? If you do, YOU ARE A FOOl.

Anyway to sum it up, this replaces the wrench with the Engineer's bare hand (well, bare except for his glove, of course). The sounds have been modified in a way that should not cause any problems on any other sounds, however if you already have a mod installed that makes use of "game_sounds_weapons.txt", follow the instructions in the readme to work around it. Bucket icons also included.

And as always, watch out for servers that disable your clientside mods, or else your wrench will sound much softer haha.

This was all done by decompiling, editing, and recompiling v_wrench_engineer.mdl. No modeling/animation programs were involved in the making of this mod.

One more thing, don't ask if I can make this for the Gunslinger. Currently, mdldecompilier BREAKS some of the bones (specifically the root bone) on the viewmodels (and maybe some of the other models). I was able to do this for the wrench because not ALL of the animation .smd's were broken, so I could splice the proper code from the others onto the good ones. However ALL the Gunslinger's root bones were broken. And while I could have used the same root as the Wrench, the Gunslinger doesn't have it's own .mdl and is comperessed along with a bunch of other animations in c_engineer_animations.mdl. It is actually IMPOSSIBLE to fix them ALL, since pretty much all of them are broken and I have no reference. I'll consider doing it if mdldecompilier gets fixed/replaced.


EDIT: Since I geuss I didn't make it apparant enough, IT REPLACED THE WRENCH, NOT THE GUNSLINGER. It IS in the right catagory.


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