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[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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just a retexture i did of a popular skin pack

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Hot girl hostages retexture by me

(anyone can use my work as long as they don't take credit for it)

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Half-Life: Force Equation Announcement TrailerForce Equation is a singleplayer Half-Life modification that is being developed by the Panther Studios team. The player is a simp... Читать далее



90SK's Super Content Mod

Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-19 05:59:25
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  • 90SK's Super Content Mod Skin screenshot
  • 90SK's Super Content Mod Skin screenshot
  • 90SK's Super Content Mod Skin screenshot
  • 90SK's Super Content Mod Skin screenshot
  • 90SK's Super Content Mod Skin screenshot

90SK's SUPER Content Mod

For Modeling assistance: VarsityPuppet, SilverEdge9, Quanon, Hunter's Run
For Scripting tutorials: tk102, Stoffe, Darth333 For Inspiration: Nequam, T7nowhere, Redhawke, Achilles For tutorial on VO recording: Gsccc For general niceness: Everyone at Holowan

FILENAME: loot&immersion - SUPERcontent v2.0.2.zip FILE SIZE: around 103mb

Update 5/11/2015 SUPER Content Mod is now beta testing TSLRCM and M478EP compatible and up to date with the current TSL Loot&Immersion Mod, and has been thoroughly checked for glitches/glitch repaired.

Check the TSL Loot & Immersion Mod page for more screenshots.

DESCRIPTION: This is a massive content mod that revamps the armor and robe content in the game. It also adds new encounters, merchants, items, and general gaming experience. For a complete list of changes, see below. HOW TO PLAY: The new features of this mod have been integrated into the game in such a way that they should all show up in a normal play-through. Just be sure to start a new game if you want to experience the full effect of the mod. I cannot guarantee compatibility with other mods. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1 Download

2 Extract files out of the archive

3 Run installation exe files

4 You're done!

UNINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Delete the folder “90SK” from your Override folder. Reinstall appearance.2da (by reinstalling Override & TSLRCM usually)

BUGS: -Spelling: I'm sure I've missed some errors -Compatibility: there's bound to be some issues that I've missed. Adjust your version of the mod accordingly. -Hunter in green armor: you better talk to him, because otherwise he'll stay there forever, which isn't right.

PERMISSIONS: If you'd like to use something in this mod in your own mod, I'd like to be contacted first, or at least given proper credit for my work.

Changes made by this mod (this list is not up to date but loosely describes what will be added):

  • Icons: All icons for armor classes F, G, and H use the TSL format, WITH arms, like the new armor. The icons for classes C, D, and E remain in KotOR style,WITHOUT arms.

  • Ludo Kressh's Tomb Artifacts ~ New Heavy Armor: Rusted Sith Armature w/. unique texture. ~ Ludo Kressh's Armband: Unique Icon

  • Heavy Battle Armor has a new texture based off it's original from KotOR, so it isn't identical to the Mandalorian Heavy Armor.

  • Echani Heavy Armor has a unique icon finally, instead of using the one from PMBH06. Also white and brown cloth scheme instead of blue (so it doesn't look exactly like Mandalorian armor, which doesn't make any sense since it's supposed to be Echani in design)

  • Powered Battle Armor has a new texture based off it's original from KotOR, because Obsidian reused the Cinnegar armor texture way too many times.

  • Mandalorian Heavy Armor now uses the PMBH06 texture, so the presence of a Cassus Fett type armor makes sense, to stay in keeping with KotOR (note: the original texture for this armor is not relocated by this mod).

  • Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh now uses its original texture from KotOR, instead of looking like Calo Nord's armor.

  • Vogga's Hoard New Items: ~ Calo Nord's Armor, as "Deluxe Battle Armor",
    with a description that explains why a unique armor is showing up again. ~ Glitterstim Injector (because the original
    absence of drugs in Vogga's hoard seemed odd) ~ Barab Ore Ingot (cool rare item that I'd never heard of, so into the hoard it goes)

  • Mandalorian Assault Armor now has a description that explains the armors appearance, and why we don't see any Mandalorians wearing it.

  • M'uhk'gfa now has a unique texture based off the Verpine Zal Alloy armor.

  • Felenar Armor: now Fenelar Armor, like it should be (look it up). Also, Description explains why it looks like Jergan Kalta's Power Suit from KotOR.

  • Matrix Armor now has a unique texture.

  • Masks With Different Models ~ Arkanian Blinders ~ Combat Sensor ~ Multi-spectral Target Assessor

  • New Flight Suit: "Shielded Flight Suit". Replaces “Bindo's Band”, which has been relocated (so you won’t see doubles of a unique item)

  • Armored Flight Suits ~ They have better, more detailed alpha channels ~ They're more spread around the game ~ Addition of previously unused brown texture variation, as "Beast-Rider Armor" ~ Ubese varition has a new texture

  • Echani Shield Suit now uses more appropriate texture, previously Ulic Qel-Droma's armor.

  • Zabrak Field Armor isn't so damn expensive anymore.

  • Deneban Armor replaces Ulic Qel-Droma’s armor. It uses a modified version of the original texture used for Ulic’s armor in KotOR. It looks a little different because it isn’t the same armor, but I’ve set it up in the description where it explains the difference by pointing out that both armors were built on Deneba. Ulic visited Deneba during the Sith War, and he would have procured the armor and customized it there.

  • Sith Battle Suit is now light armor, has improved stats, and has a new texture based off it’s original medium variant.

  • New medium armor “Corsair Jumpsuit”, replacing the odious light powered armor.

  • Arkanian Bond Armor finally makes an appearance in a KotOR game, replacing Exar Kun’s armor (which has been relocated. This way you won’t see doubles of a Unique armor). It has a new texture based off it’s original.

  • Jal Shey Neophyte Armor: I’m actually not sure what I’ve changed here. I think it uses another texture, another default. I can’t remember.

  • New Heavy Armor: “Eriadu Reinforced Armor”, w/. unique texture. Azkul is wearing it. Kill him to get it.

  • Zherron now has unique armor that matches generic militia armor. Kill him to get it.

  • Khoonda Militia Armor ~ Female version looks normal ~ Armor can be found on female merc’s corpse in Crystal cave

  • New Icon for Nihilus Mask, replacing the god-awful original one.

  • Mandalorian Combat Suit now has darker, less goofy texture.

  • Reinforced Fiber Armor is now “Alderaanian Combat Suit”, and has improved alpha channels.

  • New Encounter With Masked Hunter: You’ll first find the hunter on Telos, after your initial encounter with those thugs ruffing up that Sullustian. You can chat with the hunter briefly: he’ll explain that he has a flight to catch, and then he walks off. Make note of what he’s wearing. Later, when you’re on Dxun exploring the jungle, you’ll come across his corpse, which contains a new weapon: “Cortosis Rapier”, a new armor: “Deneban Heavy Armor”, with a new texture based off the Deneban armor mentioned previously, and a datapad explaining how the hunter died.

  • New Encounter With Bounty Hunters on Onderon: When you first enter the bar on Onderon, notice the two armor clad individuals in nearby corner within the central room. One of them is drunk: he can’t be spoken to. The other will apologize for his friend’s behavior. They’ll remain there throughout your stay on Onderon. However, once the final meeting occurs and you’re fleeing, they make a surprise appearance in the Iziz hangar where you’ve landed. Revealing themselves as bounty hunters, they demand that you lay down your weapons and leave with them. When you refuse, they attack you. Once you defeat them, you get a new heavy armor: “Krath Heavy Armor” w/. unique texture, and some credits and weapons.

  • New Merchant on Onderon: near Ponlar and his mob, there’ll be an armor clad merchant standing between two holding containers. If asked, he’ll explain that he has an agreement with the Onderonian military that allows him to sell weapons and armor unmolested. Notable items found in his inventory are: ~ Ubese Environmental Suit (flight suit) ~ Arca Jeth’s robe ~ Exar Kun’s Armor ~ Fenelar Armor ~ Onderon Repeating Carbine

  • New Merchant on Nar Shaddaa: behind Tien Tubb’s shop, there is a small office that now contains a droid and several containers. When spoken to, the droid asks if you’d like to see his inventory. If asked, he’ll explain that he is a proxy for an off-world merchant. Notable items found in his inventory are: ~ Systech Heavy Armor (new heavy armor w/. unique texture) ~ Massassi Armor (previously replaced) ~ Mandalorian Combat Suit ~ Zabrak Tystel Mark III heavy blaster (the one from KotOR) ~ Bindo Band (previously replaced) ~ Droid Parabolic guides

  • Party Clothing: Atton and Mira’s unique clothing items now have matching icons. Disciple and Handmaiden now have unique clothing items with matching icons as well (I’ve included an icon to match Stoffe’s handmaiden reskin as well). Mandalore’s Armor now has an icon, and will no longer show up as default Mandalorian heavy armor in the upgrade screen (instead there’ll just be nothing there…or at least, close to nothing).

  • Visas can now wear Jedi robes. Her neck looks a little funky, but whatever. Better than no robes at all.

  • Some text errors have been corrected.

  • Atton and all the other party member can wear Revan armor. Only handy if you have a mod installed that uses the J armor slot (like me).

  • Bao-Dur's head is a bit more pronounced, and his eyes are a different color.

  • “Light Combat Armor” is now “Fiber Armor”, with slightly different texture.

  • Male Version of Echani Heavy Armor now looks more like the female version

  • Powered Battle Armor, Iotran Braceman Armor, and M'uhk'gfa now have gauntlets similar to the female versions.

  • Systech Heavy Armor has more realistic looking alpha channel, and is now found solely on Geravick's person. Kill him to get it.

  • New Portraits for all the characters

  • Mandalore’s Armor is slightly different: more pronounced.

  • The Das'kar Hunting Mask now has a new texture and icon.

  • TSLRP Compatibility: It should work. Install this mod OVER the TSLRP: it should work then. If not, I'll release a patch for the mod.

No more out of place Star Forge banners. I've replaced the copious misused Star Forge Banners found in the Mandalorian camp, among other places, with flags bearing the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader emblem. It'll probably still be out of place in some areas, but at least it'll be an “out of place” that makes more sense. I’ve updated the loading screens to accommodate the new banners as well.

Unique robe appearances for the Jedi Masters

Shiny / different looking more realistic Mandalorians

Shiny G0-T0 and HK droids