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Darth Sion Unleashed
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-09 15:41:20
21 просмотр
  • Darth Sion Unleashed Skin screenshot
  • Darth Sion Unleashed Skin screenshot
  • Darth Sion Unleashed Skin screenshot
  • Darth Sion Unleashed Skin screenshot
  • Darth Sion Unleashed Skin screenshot
  • Darth Sion Unleashed Skin screenshot
  • Darth Sion Unleashed Skin screenshot

Sion Unleashed v1.00 By Joseph Melia 03 Dec 2011

Hi guys. Here is my skin for Knights Of The Old Republic II The Sith Lords This little mod alters the stock Darth Sion,and took me a fair few hours to do. I changed his skin color to feel more fleshy and tried to make his features a little more realistic by using photos to replace parts I thought lacking.His ears,lips and nose got this treatment as did his torso,back and tongue.I also added a red sash with buckle for color and studded his belt with jewels and gave it a brown color.. but see for yourself,check the screens and ingame.

I used paint.net

Google it,It's free,great tool.

It may not be perfect,but I think it warrants a download. I will release further versions as I make updates.

To install,simply drag the override folder in this zip file into your main KOToR II TSL directory so it looks like this.

"C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\override"

(Or wherever you have kotor 2 installed)

If it asks you to overwrite click yes (but if you do,any other Darth Sion skin you may have installed will be overwritten,so make a backup of NSIONA.tga and NSIONH.tga first)

Play the game...


To Uninstall simply remove NSIONA.tga and NSIONH.tga from SWKotOR2\override

This will not affect savegames.You may install or uninstall at any time during the campaign.

Let me know what you think..but please be kind,as I'm not a pro and I don't own photoshop. and if you're not kind,make your own.

Hope you like it.


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