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just a retexture i did of a popular skin pack

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Hot girl hostages retexture by me

(anyone can use my work as long as they don't take credit for it)

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TSL party project

Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-09 16:09:49
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  • TSL party project Skin screenshot
  • TSL party project Skin screenshot
  • TSL party project Skin screenshot
  • TSL party project Skin screenshot
  • TSL party project Skin screenshot
  • TSL party project Skin screenshot
  • TSL party project Skin screenshot

TSL Party Project by Joseph Melia

Febuary 5 2012 V 1.01

v1.01 changelog from v1.00

went over Quarren again,improving him somewhat.

Added custom Sion Icon to folder for those who wish to use it.Optional.

Twilek Dancers get major overhaul,now look sexier and make better use of envmap

Touched up Hanharr somewhat,improving some areas of fur. and added better toe claws.

Went over Bith again adding more facial detail and added envmap to clothing..

Gran gets recolored to movie version color,some more details stolen from Vader.and envmap on leather,Looks great.

Gave Twin Suns envmap on leather ,tattoo on forehead and made their skin darker and more mottled....Also new lips and eyes.

Went over the protocol droids again They look a bit more like 3po now as I took details from movie stills etc.. used hal 9000 eye (from 2001 A Space Odyssey) for B4d4's eyes but colored them blue. Used MGS Gray fox details (from Metal Gear Solid) for Naar Shadaa race droid (is also vogga droid warehouse droid)

Gave Atton an overhaul,he now uses Envmap on Jacket boots etc also for dark side.Atton...This is at the cost of slightly lower quality hair...But still,It's a big improvement..Added striped details to shirt..

Edited texture on all four walrus men...envmapped,and higher contrast to remove washed out look..

Opo Chano,The duros who gives you B4d4's droid credentials has been overhauled..He now uses envmap on eyes face and clothing,looks a lot better..

Brought up the contrast on the cannok and added minor details.

brought up contrast on Maalraas and gave them new cheetah type fur

Gave the Laigrek realistic compound eyes and made them darker,also gave them veiny details..

Luxa gets a new skin,well it's her old one with higher contrast,envmap,tattoos,new eyes and covers a lot of her bare flesh so she looks less like a twilek belly dancer.She is after all a Zeltron gangster..

Gave Jana Lorsa (Czerka head rep) brown eyes instead of the default purple,red lips and slightly changed her features,nothing major.

Brought up contrast on Rodians and added envmap for shine on their eyes,face and clothing.small changes,big improvement

Gave Sion another overhaul and more envmapping of long glove and boots,changed clothing a little.

Went over Sullustan face adding detail and freckles and making his skin darker.Also changed envmap.he looks more natural now.

Realised I had based earlier versions of Disciple on low resolution version,so gave him overhaul for light and dark side.Looks better now..

Overhauled HK47 adding many metallic details and refined his envmap.Added some minor details from The Terminator and Nemesis from 2000ad...Just to be different..

Touched up Kreia,added subtle paisley design to robe.

Realised earlier versions of Mira were based on low res version..This has been corrected.Changed Mira Hair texture so as to allow her to use envmap on jacket pants,boots and accesories,Also gave her a shiny leather corset with mandalorian insignia..redid her face for light and dark side.She looks sweet now..

Went over Visas robes again,they look even better now.

I gave Bao dur a slight blush to his cheeks and ears for a more natural look and new eyes,brows and added detail to default outfit.

Motion detection goggles now look more like splinter cell goggles.

Force mask and all which use its model has new texture

Did a better envmapped skin for mandalorian heavy repeating blasters,now they look like guns instead of lego pixel thingies..

Mining laser gets same treatment as does hvy blaster 1

Also aded new skin for vibrosword 1 and 2 and also vibrodoublesword 2

will add more weapons in future versions.

V 1.00 changelog from v.95

Touched up the datapad.Made it made it blacker and neater.

Went over T3M4 again,refined his envmap,added more blue and a small nameplate on his rear end.

Touched up Mandalore again.He seemed to like it..:)Seriously though,toned down the color and overlayed his

origional skin,the result is lighter,more detailed and cleaner than my previous effort.

Realised I had left out the envmap for Bao Dur's arm,it's back on again.

Added red tattoo pattern overlay to Nihilus robe.Also added envmap to Nihilus mask hood and robes,spent bit

of time trying to make reflection look natural,think it does,hope you like it.

Slight touch up on trandoshians,new eyes,with envmap and slightly darker,scalier skin.

Touched up Atris.made her look a little more world weary.

Added stripes to all Kath hounds

Added stripes to Kinrath,they now also use envmap for slight insectoid sheen.

Duros now look better and have envmap on eyes and skin.

Redid the Quarren.. They look a lot better now..refined his envmap and changed color of robes.

Did the Mandalorians,all are now shiny with camo pattern overlay and Mandalorian symbol decal..Yellow

Mandalorian now looks more bronzed..

Finished all portraits both light and dark for every character...Yaayy!!!.

Went over Sion again,I think he looks better now..Sion now sports more tattoos and uses Envmap on gloves,

belt and boots.Also Eyes and exposed facial musculature are envmapped.

Bao dur's remote has better envmap now.

Touched up many dark side skins.

V.95 changelog from v.9...

Touched up protocol droid number 2 as I felt he was lacking.

Touched up all 4 Gammoreans...They now all sport more distinct markings.

HK 50 and HK51 have been slightly touched up and made shiny.

The Toydarian (little flying guy you pay to dock at Naar Shadaa is now just like the one from the movie total overhaul with reflective helmet and a slight sheen to his skin.You'll like this one..

New legal screen added at beginning of game before load screen showing many modified characters (legal.tga)

Touched up Bith,made his eyes reflective and added some details.

Added portrait for light side Atton..

Still have many portraits to do...

Will call the mod v1.0 when all portraits light and dark are done.

V.9 readme Hi.. thanks for downloading my Mod for Kotor TSL... I hope you find something in it that makes your game a better experience...

In this mod I have altered all of the party npcs,including many dark side skins for most of the respective

characters and even Bao Dur's sensor ball. All characters use their default model...

Kreia is greatly improved IMHO,check screens...Her face and hair are now much more realistic having being

based on photos of old women.I recommend using Shems mod for removing her hood in dialogue... find it here. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Kreias_Hood_Down;82912

Mandalore is now decked out in the colors of Bobba Fett and sports battle scarred armour with Mandalorian

logo.Fits with Kreia saying "and in the end, the shell of their armour on the shell of a man, too easily

slain by a Jedi".

Atton is given a nice new skin with darker hair and Eyebrows,sideburns,belt,boots and Jeans.Swoon etc etc

T3m4's color is now based on R2d2.

Visas is given a shiny sexy new look,You can now see her cleavage and her headscarf has more patterns on

it.Also paisley pattern on her shirt.also new lips.I've given her dark side skins to match.

Mira also has been sexed up a little and has new facial features based on Helena Bonham Carter's,Also

knickers riding up he midriff and tattoos,Again with Dark side skins for head and body included.

Handmaiden,now sports realistic eyes and lips and freckles.and has dark side tattooed skins to match.

Bao dur is more high res,now with extra tattoos,shiny arm,camo shirt and pants,new belt items,Darth Maul

dark side appearance and altered fx for his arm. His Sensor Ball has now got light blue decals and a reflective steel finish.

Disciple has had some features added which are stolen from Ewan Mcgregor's Obi Wan.Eyes lips beard etc.Also

added dark side skins to match.

HK47 now has terminator style eyes and is shiny through the rusted areas.

Hanharr now has features stolen from Chewbacca.

Goto is now darker and the white lines have been toned down more.

Atris has new eyes lips and a nifty overlay on her robes...subtle difference,but it's there.

Naturally,I've altered the portraits of said party characters to reflect these changes.

.Also,I've taken the liberty of overhauling all of the protocol droids,Including B-4d4.I wanted them to

look more like the forerunners of C3p0.They kind of resemble the stripped down version of 3po from ep 1

now..All are unique.Although the game tends to reuse them,for example,the race droid is also the droid i

Vogga's warehouse. I used various photos of C3P0 and made them reflective. Also,I changed the position of their eyes with a cheap but effective trick.

All of the Ithorians have been given an overhaul,Chodo included.I've removed some details and added others. they all have markings now,are higher res and have better eyes..

But wait,There's more!

Vogga the Hutt,Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus get the same treatment.

Sion now has a fleshier tone,and sports tattoos and slighty altered robes....Also more pronounced wounding

on face musculature and reflective red eye.

Nihilus now has patterns on his cloak and his mask is taken from the promotional pics of the game..

And more yet,The footlockers are changed slightly,Took away blue digital lock and replaced it with mini

steel keypad.

The datapad is now modelled on an apple Ipad and given a czerka logo.It's now a Czerka Zingle 900tb... :) Bit of naff humor there..but it looks good and keeps the same green background.

Oh,and the combat reticule is made smaller.Instead of the four oversized red arrows,now it's a small svelt

sword icon.Once you get used to it,It's a lot better as you can see the character you're fighting a lot

better now.


If you want all of these features,then simply drop the override folder into Your TSL directory... If it asks,choose yes to overwrite but you might want to make a backup first in case you want to roll


eg C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\override

You might want to backup that folders tga files of the same name first though,also make a backup of your

appearance.2da file.. the 2da file within is to the best of my knowledge compatible with TSLRCM 1.7 As I installed that mod first a before changing anything within.I've had no problems with it. Should also work on vanilla as all differences are based on which characters are shiny...

If you are familiar with the file setup of TSL,you can of course pick the textures you want and discard the


You may use this mod as you see fit,but if you use any of the stuff within any other project,I want to be

credited..I spent a lot of time putting this stuff together. So please give me the credit due.



Enjoy the mod and let me know what you think,I love to reply to feedback,so,long as you're not being a

troll.So leave a comment,query or suggestion and I'll get back to you.

If you have a good idea for a skin,I might even make it for you...

Please rate the file.

I could do with the ego boost...