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Battlestar Galactica Cylons
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-07-04 12:25:45
15 просмотров
  • Battlestar Galactica Cylons Skin screenshot
  • Battlestar Galactica Cylons Skin screenshot
  • Battlestar Galactica Cylons Skin screenshot
  • Battlestar Galactica Cylons Skin screenshot

Contains 6 basic skins (Chrome, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Black) all with 4 team support, and 3 additional UT-Comp compatible skins. Skins took about a week to make. I started out with Roadkill's preliminary skin and used Photoshop CS, ifranview, mspaint, Upaint, and of course, UnrealEd to create the final product.

Note: The holograms skins pictured in the video are available here: /go/187.lnk

Back story: The original Cylon Centurion, Model 005, was designed and created by scientists of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The Centurion is the standard version of Model 0005 and was employed in various labor and military applications before the Cylon rebellion.

Unlike their successors, Model 0005 Cylons do not possess built-in projectile weapons; instead they use conventional firearms. Since they were originally designed to interact with humans, Centurions tend to communicate using human-patterned speech instead of more advanced electronic techniques.

You may mirror this pack as long as all the files, including this read me, are kept intact, and if the files will be distrubited free-of-charge. Please contact Roadkill_v3.4 or me if you need to modify these files.


jeffrey_d_9*9 at yahoo dot com (Remove asterisks, spam protection)

If you liked this model, try out my other work:

http://ut2004.levels4you.com/downloads.l4y?cat=search&author=jefe http://skincity.beyondunreal.com/?section=author&action=show_infos&id=43

Roadkill's other models can be found here:


DISCLAIMER: This model is a fan-made tribute to the Battlestar Galactica series. It is distributed completely free-of-charge. Battlestar Galactica and the Cylon character are copyrighted by NBC Universal, Sci-Fi Channel, and Sky One.

Well, after much work in between this and my other models, I'm proud to release this one: the new version of the old school Cylon Centurion. This was very much a fun model to do, as I watched the original series a child.

MANY thanks to Jefe for refining and expanding on my (very) basic skin and making this look so good.

Al van der Poorten (AKA:ROADKILL_v3.4) you'll find me at http://www.disastrousconsequences.com


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