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UT2004 Battle Droids
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-07-04 12:31:46
18 просмотров
  • UT2004 Battle Droids Skin screenshot
  • UT2004 Battle Droids Skin screenshot
  • UT2004 Battle Droids Skin screenshot
  • UT2004 Battle Droids Skin screenshot
  • UT2004 Battle Droids Skin screenshot

UT2004 Battle Droids 2.1

What you're getting, and some notes:

This is a skin pack for Evil Engine's Battle Droid. All of the skins include 4 team colors usable with the CTF4/TDM4 mod, and the pack includes more than 15 regular selectable characters in 3 families of team skins (Prequel style, Color, and Imperial Black.) There are an additional 3 UT-Comp compatible skins (Just the base texture with no specularity) and maybe a few cool hidden skins if you poke around in the upl. ;)

Version 2.1 adds Sergeant Todd's excellent (and expressly created for this skinpack!) Droid voicepack as the default options for the droids. I've left in Slyrr's still awesome Junkyard voice from version 2.0 as a second option. If you'd like to configure some or all of the bots to use the Junkyard voice, all you have to do is replace Voice=Droids.Droids with Voice=JunkVoice.JunkVoice for any character you would like to change in the upl. You can do this for any custom upl as well (if there is no Voice= entry, just add it.) Keep in mind that you should not edit XPlayersL1 or XplayersL2, where the default UT2004 characters are stored, because UTComp servers scan for changes to those two upls.

Version History:

2.1 (2009-12-29) Added Sergeant Todd's Droid Voicepack. Added the int file for the JunkVoice, which I had forgotten to add in the first release (allows you to pick the VP from the voice list.) No changes to textures or animations. Merry Crimbo!

2.0 (2009-08-09) My first release.

1.0 (2003-07-30) Evil Engine's original release for UT2003.

How to Install:

Extract Bdroidlite.ukx ....................... to UT2004/Animations Extract Bdroid2.utx .......................... to UT2004/Textures Extract Droids.u ............................. to UT2004/System Extract Droids.int ........................... to UT2004/System Extract JunkVoice.u .......................... to UT2004/System Extract JunkVoice.int......................... to UT2004/System Extract XplayersBdroid.int ................... to UT2004/System
Extract xplayersL3NewBattleDroids.upl .........to UT2004/System


George Lucas and all of his underlings who designed the Droids and other characters for the Star Wars films. Star Wars and associated characters are copyright Lucasfilm Ltd.

Evil Engine for making the the Battle Droid Model.


Slyrr for making the Junkyard Mech voice, and of course the excelent model, which you can download here:


Sergeant Todd for making the new Droid Voicepack. You can find his other voicepacks at Levels4You:


The people on the L4Y and Disastrous Consequences forums for their feedback, and Heartbeat for additional beta testing.


You MAY distribute this package through any electronic network, provided you include this file and leave the archive intact. You may use/modify my shader and texture effects in your own projects, provided you acknowledge my contribution.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this package i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money. Period.


You may leave comments in this thread: http://utforums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?p=26752142



Jeffrey_d_99 at y.a.h.o.o.c.o.m (remove extra periods, spam protection)

Jefe on the Epic Games messageboard - http://forums.epicgames.com/

Jefe at http://www.disastrousconsequences.com

Jefe at http://forums.beyondunreal.com

My other UT2004 files







Original Readme follows:


Filename: BattleDroid Version: 1.0 Author: EvilEngine Release Date: 7-30-2003


Description: A Star Wars EP1 battle droid model. Contains one skin as well as a PSK so you can make your own. Contains teamskins(red & blue) /PSKsource/bdroid.PSK /Textures/Bdroidtex.utx /Animations/Bdroid.ukx /System/BattleDroid.upl


Type of File: Player model Custom Static Meshes: No Custom Textures: No Custom Animations: Yes Custom Sounds: No Custom Music: No


Bugs, Errors, Comments, Questions? Send to: evilengine@evilnews.net

Website: http://evilengine.ut2003files.com



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