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Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 20:04:32
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  • EgyptianWarlord Skin screenshot
  • EgyptianWarlord Skin screenshot
  • EgyptianWarlord Skin screenshot


This is the Egyptian Warlord Amenophis, version 1.0, by Davision.

The first time loading takes some time. It can also look like its freezed but it is just calculating shaders and saveing them in a cache file, afterwards all characters load fast.

New in this version: - custom FPV arms - 7 material effects - 3 new heads - 1 new armor skin - Custom character selection animation - Weapons (for putting it on the character)

It also Features custom -Physics -Sounds -Materials

The armor can be customized with the parts. - The big shoulder shields and the weapons are in the boots section. - The weapons can also put in the hands (he will then put the weapon under the guns, the weapon cant be used) - The metal beards are in the goggles section. - With some chars, eyes can be turned on and off with the "Goggles" parts. - If you change the arms of a char, his FPV arms will not be changed because they had to be hardcoded with the character. - Some Teamcolor FPV arms have a slightly different effect. - Facemasks and helmets are not avaible for most of the effects because the skull and zombie head needed to be in that UVW section. - For some of the effects the zombie/rotten head can be turned off with the helmets section.

The following characters and bots are inluded: Every character has also an additional bot character that has a different armor skin or a mixed armor skin except the first 2:

Amenophis XII. - Normal young Amenophis, golden armor Bot: Ramses XII.

Amenophis VIII. - Old Amenophis, dark armor Bot: Ramses VIII.

Amenophis IV. - Rotten Zombie Amenophis, dark amor Bot: Ramses IV.

Amenophis I. - Skeleton Amenophis, golden amor Bot: Ramses I.

Effect Characters: The effects can be read in the names of the characters.

Ameimmortalophis - immortal - Main effect that changes kinda randomly from all the different stages: normal, old, rotten and skeleton. Golden armor Bot: Echnaton

Amageingophis - ageing - Only the Transition effect from young to old. Golden armor Bot: Amenhotep

Ameholephis - hole - You are able to look through him to his bones which is based on the direction. Dark armor Bot: Nehebkau

Amedistanophis - distance - The effect is based on the distance, the closer you get to him the more he will look rotten. Golden armor Bot: Sethos

Amerottinophis - rotting - Similiar to the first effect but this will rotten over time and the transition effect is more heavy with glowing edges. Dark armor Bot: Imhotep

Ameburnophis - burn - Based in the direction a glowy heat looking effect is shown (Zombie head, normal head in bot and chooseable with the helmet section) Dark armor Bot: Tutanchamun

Ameskinophis - skin - Effect that is based on the direction and time which lets the skin look much different. Golden armor Bot: Thutmosis

Additional the FPV Hands can be previewed in the character selection. Choose the different hands and effects with "Arms" parts. They can not be used as an actual Character!

UT3 Patch 3 is needed for this Character!

I made a Action Cam Mutator fix in order to make it work with the Height. Action Cam is a Mutator that allows you to play in a third person view. (Link to the mod is in the zip file.)

Bugs fixed: - Thumb missing on ragdol animations.

Known Bugs: - The shoulderpad bones can get broken when driving the Hoverboard (Only for the Player)

Credits: David "Davision" Hagemann, www.vitamin3d.com Sounds by Simon "Koribian" Hagemann

---Install--- Location for installing the UTGame folder should be similar to: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3

If it is not showing up in the faction selection you need to delete the UTcustomchar.ini, located in: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Username\Eigene Dateien\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config When you start the game again UT3 automaticly creates a new one.

The first time loading takes some time. It can also look like its freezed but it is just calculating shaders and saveing them in a cache file, afterwards all characters load fast.


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