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Old School ZPS Weapons Pack for ZPS 2.2
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-07-04 10:47:25
19 просмотров
  • Old School ZPS Weapons Pack for ZPS 2.2 Skin screenshot
  • Old School ZPS Weapons Pack for ZPS 2.2 Skin screenshot

I did not make the skins, anims... I'm just uploading this to GameBanana.

You don't like ZPS's new weapons style ? You would like to have the good weapons from the earlier ZPS's versions ? Well this pack is for you !

This pack replaces all ZPS's new weapons by the old one from the earlier version. I still have a copy of ZPS v1.25b and decided to make a pack for those who like the way that ZPS's weapons looked in the past.

All weapons are replaced except the IED, M4 and some melee weapons (I searched for a download link for the v1.4 version of ZPS that has the M4 but couldn't find it)

Be careful, the animations from the "old" ZPS does not match the timing of the "new" ZPS (an exemple, in the "new" ZPS, the Remington 870 fire faster than the old one), so if you don't care about this you can download, install and use. But if you care about that, I don't recommand you to install, download and use (unless you can fix the problem by editing the models, anims...)

If anyone upload/PM me the materials, sounds and models of the IED and the M4 from ZPS 1.4, I give him a cookie =)

Because the models were not edited, the only hands you will see will be Eugene's old arms, if you wish to have Marcus, Jessica and the Punker's hands on the old models, a modeler has to decompile a viewmodel weapon from the "new" ZPS and rig the hands into the old weapon's skeleton. Don't ask me to do that because I don't know to model, anim, rig and so on. I'm just a mapper.


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