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Карта cg1_skeeball_r
Описание отсутствуетWelcome to CG1 Skeeball
By [CG1]Adam

This map comes "as is" from me, the maker. No modifications for
public, clan, or any other usage that is not personal are allowed.
You may modify this map for PERSONAL usage only.

Last Updated: 28th October, 2004.
Final, Revised (2)

.: Description :.

Ever played skeeball? Civilian targets, must fly through the air, with
their given boost and land in a hole to gain points, while snipers
attempt to shoot them down to get their points. Targets get more points
by landing in holes further away, a label is shown for each hole how
many points you'll get. Try and get to the very end where there are 5
points avaliable.

Snipers better beware, if a target misses a hole, they could run up
and press a red button with stripes around it to send a whole floor
of snipers into a water tank where the blue team spawn. You get a point
for pressing these buttons. Keep watch of the targets!

Many lamer protections have been included in this map. Be warned!

.: Scoring :.

Blue Team:
Variable personal and team point depending on the hole you land in.
1 point for activating any of the traps.

Red Team:
1 personal and team point for each target you hit.
2 team point for a target death not caused by any red player.

Yellow Team:
No scoring.

.: Team Limits :.

Blue Team: 6 players maximum, civilian only.
Red Team: Unlimited players, sniper only.
Yellow Team: Unlimited players, civilian only.

.: Version Changes Log :.

[12/08/2004] Completed the shell work.
[12/08/2004] Corrected the launch force.
[12/08/2004] Decorated both spawn areas.
[12/08/2004] Changed target's health kits into one health machine.
[12/08/2004] Added sniper traps.
[12/08/2004] Sloped the skeeball area.
[13/08/2004] Added an observation team.
[13/08/2004] Added more detail to the vending machines.
[13/08/2004] Added sound to the target launch.
[15/08/2004] Fixed the sniper team points system.
[15/08/2004] Fixed the "Non-sprite set to glow!" console spam.
[23/08/2004] Totally fixed the red team scoring system.
[23/08/2004] Sorted out some problems in the observation area.
[23/08/2004] Added optional cure for invisible entity bug.
[23/08/2004] Added the fishbot to it's tank.
[24/08/2004] Touched up a few things in the observers area.

[24/08/2004] Decreased the trap time to decrease spawning in the trap.
[24/08/2004] Seperated the trap exits, to help prevent stacking.
[24/08/2004] Added hurt trigger in the trap to prevent long stacking.
[24/08/2004] Tweaked some of the sounds for better hearing.
[26/08/2004] Added explosion behind trap buttons to prevent camping.

[26/08/2004] Fixed civilians being able to stand in sniper windows.
[27/08/2004] Final version out! Enjoy.

Revised 1
[09/09/2004] Totally redesigned the target's lobby.
[09/09/2004] Totally redesigned the sniper trap system.
[09/09/2004] Added torture buttons to the trap tanks.
[09/09/2004] Improved the target skeeball exit after landing in a hole.
[09/09/2004] Improved the skyboxes.
[09/09/2004] Changed how "Area X" is entered and exited.
[09/09/2004] Changed the location of the trap buttons.
[09/09/2004] Changed the reset delay on the trap buttons to 10 seconds.
[09/09/2004] Removed the explosions where targets could camp by buttons.
[09/09/2004] Moved the lights in the sniper area to the front.
[10/09/2004] Tweaked everything up ready to be tested.
[24/10/2004] Map fully tested at the [FM] clanserver.
[24/10/2004] Tweaked everything up ready to be released.
[24/10/2004] Revised version out! Enjoy.

Revised 2
[28/10/2004] Fixed the fact I forgot to compile with lighting.

.: Credits :.

Map made by [CG1]Adam
The whole trap thingy idea by AmigaOasis.

Special thanks to the leaders of [FM] for allowing me to borrow one of
their high powered servers and a group of their clan members to test
this map. [FM] Fecking Mad: http://fm.ffsake.co.uk/ - #[FM] @ QuakeNet.

Thanks to the following beta testers for their time helping me test
this brilliant map:


Sorry if I havent listed you here and you did beta test it, give me
a poke and you will be in the next release.

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