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[DS]: Half-Life Server
[DS]: Half-Life Server

[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Название игры: S.I.P: Out Life
Жанр: FPS, с элементами RPG
Язык: с++, скрипты lua
G API: DirectX 9
Сайт: sip-game.su
Группа Vk: vk.... Читать далее



Карта jurassicpark
Описание отсутствует

JURASSIC PARK (part 1/4)
By Leon

"Scientists clone dinosaurs to populate a theme park
which suffers a major security breakdown and releases
the dinosaurs.

John Hammond has invited four individuals to join him at
Jurassic Park. But will everything go to plan?"



This map contains several features that I feel should have
been included in the film, but for reasons I've yet to be
made aware of, weren't. These include machine guns, death
spinner rooms, and giant underground dino transport rail
systems. I am campaigning for the film to be remade with
these additions. I hope I can count on your support.

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