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Карта saw_r2
Описание отсутствуетSaW_r2 by rainman
Map type: Escape
Players: 3+
Release date: 29.01.2014
Original release date: 19.09.2011

This escape map is roughly based on the movie 'Saw II'.



Jigsaw: "Greetings and welcome. I trust that you are all wondering where you are. I can assure you that while your location is not important, what these walls offer for you is important. Salvation, if you earn it. Three hours from now the door to this house will open. Unfortunately, you only have 2 hours to live. Right now, you are breathing in a deadly nerve agent. You've been breathing it since you've arrived here. Those of you familiar with the Tokyo subway attacks will know its devastating effects on the human body. The only way to overcome it and walk out that door is to find an antidote. One is inside the safe in front of you. Let the game begin."


Movie Plot:

The son of a police officer is kidnapped by Jigsaw. He is trapped
in a house with seven ex-prisoners who have been busted by that cop due to false
evidence. The eight victims are breathing a deadly nerve agent, which is going to
kill them within two hours. Jigsaw promises his victims the door will open after
three hours, so the only way to escape the house is to pass Jigsaw's tests, get
the antidote and wait for the door to open.


Thanks to all beta testers:

el nubico
teh OR!ON
Pizza Supreme
[HCG]Mr. Coala

Special thanks to:

[HCG]Demon - for compiling the map many many times and beta testing alot

Sim - for helping me alot with entities and and hosting a Test-server

teh OR!ON - for making the keys hover over the head (it looks awesome! :) ) and for helping me to loop the circular blade sound properly (it had to be 16kHz or less)

xan - for helping me getting started on modelling

tamonte - for making the SkillzWorld.eu banners and the news paper

www.thewall.de - for many, many useful tutorials and entity lists, unfortunately it's german

Huge Awesome thanks to:

Lt Llama - for entity help, beta testing and for running EuroSkillz for so many years, unfortunately he had to shut down the servers :(

[HCG] Mr. Coala - for running SkillzWorld to pay homage to EuroSkillz! Hopefully for many, many years! :)

I'm sorry if i forgot someone! (i prolly did...)



Charlie Clouser - Saw II OST - Cigarette
Charlie Clouser - Saw II OST - Hello Zepp
Saw II Theme played on Privia (piano) found on youtube

Used WAD-files:

de_piranesi.wad (CS)
saw.wad (included in the .bsp)
zhlt.wad (for Hint-Brushes)


My Steam-Friends name is hutal
Feel free to add me for any reason! :)

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