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[DS]: Half-Life Server
[DS]: Half-Life Server

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[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Еще несколько лет назад выбор казино-онлайн был достаточно простым

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Множество букмекерских контор позволяют всем людям реализовать свою мечту – зарабатывать на своем увлечении.

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Сеть Burger King совместно с телеканалом Game Show и оператором «Синтерра Медиа» запустили CTRL PLAY


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Уважаемые участники!
Команда проекта DS-Servers, от всей души поздравляет вас с Новым Годом!

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The University of Southern California’s premier video games program USC Games will feature hands-on playable code for t....

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В преддверии новогодних праздников компания DSN.Host запускает конкурс.

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ZXC Mod cvarlist

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Студия 11 Bit Studios, которую вы можете знать по This War of Mine


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Если вам есть, что скрывать, то WhatsApp может оказаться не лучшим выбором для переписки. Оказывается, принадлежащий Faceboo


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Плагин : EndMapCustom
Версия : 1.7.4
Автор : BIGs

Описание :

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Компания 2K Games поделилась первыми официальными скриншотами


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Представлен трейлер к запуску последнего сюжетного дополнения


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Карта skate2
Описание отсутствуетSkate2
By Axl Axl Axl Go Stl Rams!

Get the enemy flag. Skate around the rink.
The first team to complete 30 laps with
the flag wins!

- 2 frag points for each lap.
- Winning Team immediately receives Quad
Damage and Invincibility for 30 secs to
PUNISH the losing team!
- Map ends after 30 second killing spree.

Skate2 is a fast paced "Intermission" map
to play between normal maps on smaller
servers (2 to 10 players). And relax,
don't take this map too seriously.


Changes/Additions in Skate2beta7:
- fixed the damn sg bug in respawn rooms
- added 5 more seconds in the endgame killing spree
- changed pink coke machines, to food machines.
- other little fixes

Changes/Additions in Skate2beta6:
- Added scoreboards
- Removed HW class
- Wider exit ramps! duh
- Made flags unavailable at map start for 60 seconds
- Exit side rooms added
- Changed scoring HUD text
- Fixed speak sentences
- Added beveled structures around flags
- Made it so you can walk behind benches in rink
- Added a sound for when you pick up a flag
- You now get frag points for caps
- 30 seconds of quad/Invincibility
- Added anti-grenade-spam ent in locker rooms
- Ajusted clip brushes better to prevent cheating
- Removed 4 ads to keep rspeeds down
- Added Spam billboard
- Functional coke dispenser
- Added More secrets/easter eggs
- Cleaned up some brush work

I originally created this map in 1999.
This was my first tfc map and I really
just wanted to make a simple small map
that I could learn the ents on.
I got so frustrated with WC 2.1 and the
TFC ents at the time, I put it on
the shelf for 2 years. I probably
should have left it there :)

Skate.bsp - half-life/tfc/maps
Skate.txt - half-life/tfc/maps
doop2.wav - half-life/tfc/sound/skate

Valve Hammer 3.4
Pak Explorer
PhotoImpact 6.0
CoolEditPro 2.1

When playing on the net, If you have a ping over
300 or so, your movement can get a little choppy on
the skating rink floor. Especially at the turns. Thats
a drawback of having a trigger-push ent pushing
you around.

There are 8 respawn ents in each base. So you can play
on a 16 player server but I would expect it to be pretty

There are a few secrets in this map.

Lady Liberty - For actually getting this thing played on
public servers
theWalrus - playtesting, ideas
Divot - Playtesting
Al Bundry - Playtesting
Nightmare - Playtesting, ideas, hosting
Puni$her - Playtesting
Sgt.Thundercok - For Well, Rock, And ofcourse SPAZBALL!

Email: axl@adelphia.net

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