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[DS]: Half-Life Server

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[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Название игры: S.I.P: Out Life
Жанр: FPS, с элементами RPG
Язык: с++, скрипты lua
G API: DirectX 9
Сайт: sip-game.su
Группа Vk: vk.... Читать далее



Карта webeclubbin_r
Описание отсутствуетWe Be Clubbin - Capture The Flag/Deathmatch

It's Red an Blue team's night out. They've
decided to go over to the Prez's Place for
some R&R.

Objective: Are you kidding ... it's a nightclub.
Ok, other than DM you can rob the safe.
Deactivate the lasers which guard access
to the Crystal. Sorry no hints on the lasers.
Grab the flag and bring it back to the parking
lot. Place it on the raised square to Capture it.

Scoring: 100 points per capture of Priceless Crystal.

Other Notes: Flag carriers drop the Flag when
they die. Dropped flags return to their Base
after 5 seconds. There are hidden packs here
an there.
-Also Employees score frags for operating
various buttons.
-Keys to the BattleRoom must stay in the Yellow
Room and are used to teleport to the BattleRoom.
-There's a secret goodies in places around the map,
seek an ye shall find.

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