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AK-47 Iraqi Style
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-04 11:23:01
9 просмотров
  • AK-47 Iraqi Style Skin screenshot
  • AK-47 Iraqi Style Skin screenshot
  • AK-47 Iraqi Style Skin screenshot

Test it ingame first before you give rating or critics. Rate the skin for what it is. Not for what you want it to be.

Frizz925 - Animations, compile Twinke Masta - AK-47 model Thanez - AK-47 texture FxDarkLoki - Phong/Normals Teh Strelok - Sounds iFlip - Sounds William Brutality - Sleeves model HappyCamper - Sleeves texture --Special Thanks-- shortez - Sleeves references help Max(R) - Better screenshots and video preview X rock X - Video preview Whoever commented on my YouTube videos - Feedbacks

First of all, I'm not certain with the credits since I feel like I missed someone on the credits. Please tell me if I missed someone on the credits. Second, I was in a hurry when packing the archives. So just tell me if you encounter a problem with the archives. Third, there's no buypic... for now, sorry. But I will make one when as soon as I can.

(Pointless) FAQsQ: AK-47 Iraqi Style? A: Yup. The animations are supposed to copy shortez's Tactical AK-47 Iraqi Style. Before you ask what are the differences, you can see that the AK-47 is not tactical (no attachments). Just plain, boring AK-47. Another thing is, there are 2 different draw and reload animations. Not only that. There's a secret version of this skin. But I won't tell ya :P Q: shortez's animations is better. A: My animations is worse than shortez's :P Q: It doesn't even look like shortez's one. A: Of course.. Q: I don't like the animations. Improve it. A: I got enough with people keep saying, "I don't like the animations" and, "Improve the animations." Be constructive when giving critics. If you don't like the animations, then leave the skin alone. Don't rate. You're just giving the rating for what you want it to be. If you just tell me to improve the animations without any more specific note for improvements, that won't help me. Tell me why I need to improve it. Is it robotic or something? Q: Meh. I give this skin a overall rating 7.0 A: Be reasonable when giving ratings. Give criteria ratings. NOT OVERALL RATINGS. If you give a low rating, tell me why and how I can improve it.

This time, I included the Sleeved version. I also found out what make my animations are having bad origins... BEFORE. It's caused by the animations rig. So I did some little changes and it worked. No more screen blocking origins hurr...

I hope you enjoy it :)

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Preview video by Max(R)

Preview Video by X rock X


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