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Fiveseven Wants To Be Boss
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 06:53:38
9 просмотров
  • Fiveseven Wants To Be Boss Skin screenshot
  • Fiveseven Wants To Be Boss Skin screenshot
  • Fiveseven Wants To Be Boss Skin screenshot

The Fiveseven saw how boss the Desert Eagle was on Sarqune's animations and wants to be boss, too. Can it be boss? That's for you to decide.

Long story short. We've got a good fiveseven on good animations. I even threw in some not so overused sounds. Maybe they aren't the greatest but too bad.

Yes, I know the recoil is absolutely stupid for the Fiveseven. Get over it. I'd have to add 10 million dead frames to make any other animations fit the stupidly slow reload time of the Fiveseven. Using Sarqune's work of art, I don't have to do that. Better than Valve anims. Held correctly. Doesn't look like a little toy. The real Fiveseven (like every other pistol in CS:S) is not some tiny little kid's toy. It's a chunky beast. Worthy trade offs for high recoil. Of course, if those glorified .22s are doing as much or more damage than a 9mm from the Glock, they better be damn hot.

edit Now includes updated sounds from Daishi. Video does not reflect this, but damn if I'm making a video just for that.


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