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Transporter 2 Style G18c REDUX
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 01:30:34
11 просмотров
  • Transporter 2 Style G18c REDUX Skin screenshot
  • Transporter 2 Style G18c REDUX Skin screenshot
  • Transporter 2 Style G18c REDUX Skin screenshot
  • Transporter 2 Style G18c REDUX Skin screenshot
  • Transporter 2 Style G18c REDUX Skin screenshot

This is an enhanced version of my Transporter 2 Style Glock 18C I released about a year ago.

EDIT Please ignore the credits list that is included in the .RAR, it is for a different release but it somehow was accidentally included with this one.



  • Removed muzzle flash

  • Scaled Glock model down

  • Made working world models (no consistency errors)

  • Re-aligned the suppressor (old release's suppressor wasn't aligned perfectly)

  • Added new shoot sound (combination of the old one, Lakedown's MP5SD shoot sound, and my slide cycle sounds)

  • Other minor edits



  • There are 2 dead frames at the beginning of each shoot animation (they are needed to make the shoot animations look right when in a server)

  • If you make a server to test it as opposed to joining a dedicated one, the shoots will look different (in your own listen server) than they are intended to

  • I know it's a compensated model 18, so a suppressor would be pointless in real life, rate it for what it is (a model based on the movie Transporter 2)

  • I can't help the clipping during the reload, I have tried moving it all over the place, and when I get it to a spot where it doesn't clip, something else doesn't look right

  • If you don't like the sounds, use different ones, sounds are not apart of the rating criteria

  • Don't rate it down because you don't like the BIG suppressor, the silencers in the movie are large, so this one is too (remember, it's a model based on the MOVIE)

  • And lastly, don't rate it down BECAUSE it has a suppressor on it. See the previous bullet. If you don't want a silencer, use a different model.


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