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Russian Spetsnaz Player Fix
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-10 16:02:48
8 просмотров
  • Russian Spetsnaz Player Fix Skin screenshot
  • Russian Spetsnaz Player Fix Skin screenshot
  • Russian Spetsnaz Player Fix Skin screenshot
  • Russian Spetsnaz Player Fix Skin screenshot
  • Russian Spetsnaz Player Fix Skin screenshot

This is a small modification of Counter-Strike: Source that replaces the "Seal Team 6" Player class with "Russian Spetsnaz" Class. This is a must have for Russian Spetsnaz enthusiasts. This can be used with any skin in particular. The only thing that makes this unique is the "cstrike_english.txt" document which changes the player name. So this means, any Russian Spetsnaz skin will work. I chose TurboMuffin's Spetsnaz skin because it isn't a flashy, high-res reskin. It tends to be looked at as a 'default' looking skin.

Also, a thanks to Mr. Jihad is in order for letting me edit his "Realistic Gun Names" GUI submission for this. That MUST be used to rename the player class. I also used the Counter-Strike Condition Zero Spetsnaz Details for this. The Details can be viewed under the Walking player model showcase when you select a player.

Some noteable features of this skin are its patches, helmet star, and what I like best that no other skin I know of has, Black eye facepaint.

Everybody's work that is included in this pack has been included with their permission.


You extract the "Materials" and "Resource" folders to the following location:

"C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps(Your Steam Account Name)\counter-strike source\cstrike"

Here are some other skins you may want to consider using with this. :)

Unbreakable's Spetsnaz Reborn CT

fox-hound's Spetsnaz

Grey Spetsnaz v2

Thank you for reading this.

Enjoy... =)


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