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Improved Fps
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-10 14:24:43
8 просмотров
  • Improved Fps Skin screenshot
  • Improved Fps Skin screenshot

The aim of this mod it to improve performance (FPS) without quality loss by optimizing large meshes used through out the game. Look at the screenshots to see the improvement.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Question: Will this decrease the quality of the meshes? Answer: Barely, they will almost look the same in-game.


To install, extract the files on your desktop, then a file named Operation_Optimization will appear, it's actually an installer, click on it and install like for a game, extract to your Oblivion directory.

Version History

v1.1.1 (28/04/07)

  • Created an installer for Operation Optimization as it is going to get rather large.
  • Operation Optimization will no longer use a BSA archive (and plugin) due to LOD issues (Imperial City Palace won't vanish anymore when outside the city).
  • v1.1.0 (25/04/07)

  • All optimized meshes are now in a BSA archive and activated via esp now for easier management.
  • Completed optimizations of palace interior meshes (Shivering Isles), Optimized: PalaceCourtEnd01.NIF, PalaceCourtEnd02.NIF, PalaceCourtEnd03.NIF.
  • Started and completed optimization of all statues (Akatosh, Azura Shine ect).
  • Started optimization of Leyawiin interior meshes, Optimized: LeyawiinMGInterior.NIF, LeyawiinMGInteriorShops.NIF.
  • Started optimization of Mania interior meshes (Shivering Isles), Optimized: ManiSmity01Int.NIF.
  • Optimized amber and madness armor stands (MadnessArmorDisplay01.NIF, SEArmorDummyAmber.NIF).
  • Optimized obelisks (Obelisk01.NIF).
  • Optimized the Imperial City Palace exteriors (ICPalaceTower01.NIF, ICPalaceTowerBase01.NIF).
  • Tweaked some of the previously optimized palace interior meshes and the huge tree for better performance (Shivering Isles).
  • v1.0.0 (20/04/07)

  • First release.
  • Started optimization of palace interior meshes (Shivering Isles), Optimized: PalaceCourtAlcove01.NIF, PalaceCourtConnector01.NIF, PalaceCourtEnd04.NIF, PalaceCourtEnd05.NIF, PalaceCourtSteps01.NIF.
  • Optimized PalaceMadnessTree01.NIF which is used in Sheogorath's Palace.

  • Special thanks to The NifSkope Team

    Please assess and stamp this skin and if you see an error or encounter a problem, please send me a PM.

    Take note that I did not make this, I'm only sharing the goodness with my fellow FPSB members.


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