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Турнир прошел успешно. Победители :
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Меню оружия для Sven Co-op

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Это плагин который способен изменить GameDescription вашего сервера . это можно использовать в целях рекламы и т.д

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Тутор по установке SteamCMD на Linux

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Плагин служит для подключения на другой сервер по указанному IP. Его можно указать в исходнике

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Working HL2 Vortigaunt
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 21:06:49
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  • Working HL2 Vortigaunt Skin screenshot
  • Working HL2 Vortigaunt Skin screenshot
  • Working HL2 Vortigaunt Skin screenshot
  • Working HL2 Vortigaunt Skin screenshot

I just know someone's going to freak out about this, so...

THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL READ HERE: Porting & Valve Content
The files this is based off of are from shared GCFs. Anyway, on to the actual description.

It's Fixed. Go ahead and download.

I had been trying to get this to work for a long time. First thing I tried was changing attachments. Nothing. Second was editing the animations file. SCREWED EVERYTHING UP. Finally, I noticed that the animation events used to shoot in HL2 and HL1 were different. I just decompiled the model and animation files, added the required animations to the model file, changed the animation events, and recompiled. I was freaking happy.

Custom skins made for the HL2 Vortigaunt will work with this EXCLUDING those with custom models. They will fail if they use a custom model.

Also, this will NOT work with illegal versions of the game, and I will not help you make it work.

Yeah, the infamous "detached neck" glitch happens here. I don't even know, there's not much I can say about it, just be aware, the neck is all detached and crap.

EDIT: I'm happy, as this is back. I'd like to thank, and apologize publicly to Xero. After he trashed this, I said some rather mean things spoken out of anger.


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