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Candy-Themed Buildables
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 08:02:00
8 просмотров
  • Candy-Themed Buildables Skin screenshot
  • Candy-Themed Buildables Skin screenshot
  • Candy-Themed Buildables Skin screenshot
  • Candy-Themed Buildables Skin screenshot

In my on-going quest to feminize my TF2 to the point of disgust, I bring you these girly-colored, candy-themed buildables.

What's included in this pack:

  • Reskins for all-level sentries, dispensers (and screens), teleporters, blueprints, gibs, and first-person/third-person toolboxes. All the alpha layers have been changed for lighting purposes.
  • Accompanying .vmt files to further alter various aspects of lighting (including making the blueprints appear as close to being made out of fruit roll-ups as I could manage...actually it kinda looks more like a sheet of colored sugar-glass...)
    • Adorable little smiling face for your dispenser's main screen, and animated dancing gummy bears for your level 3 sentry upgrade screen (please ignore that some of the preview images still have a rolling puppy on the screen...)
  • A delicious piece of Bonk! Crit-taffy to replace the arrow on the dispenser meter. Also, you may notice the dispenser drawers now contain bottles of Bonk! chewable vitamins: In "Radiation Raspberry" for the RED team, and "Potassium Frost-phate" for the BLU team.
  • Candy sprites for the dispenser's healing beam. Doesn't produce as fancy of a beam as I would have liked, but hey - it's candy.
  • Re-colored particle files for the teleporter effects and dispenser beams.

    Bonus Sound Pack (nothing much, just a little something extra):

  • A couple of modified sound files (higher-pitched and quieter) to make your sentries/dispensers sound cuter and less annoying.

  • Music file for the dispenser: "Pure Imagination (Wonka Trance Mix)" by DJ Ford ft. Jori. This song was obtained totally free on the net via beemp3.com. It has had the volume reduced to be less obstructive.

    The sound pack can be downloaded here:


Important notes:

  • This will also change the beam for the medic's medigun. This cannot be helped, as it shares the same files as the dispenser beam. If you don't want the medigun to shoot candy, just don't install or remove the "healsign" and "medicbeam_curl" files from the "effects" folder. The particle (.pcf) file is what changes the color of the beam, which is also shared by both medigun and dispenser, so yes, if you intend to keep your RED dispenser beam pink, then your RED medics will also be healing people with a very girly beam of outrageous pink-ness. Sorry. :P Likewise, removing the .pcf but leaving the effect sprites will produce a default team-colored candy beam.

  • If you encounter an error upon joining a server regarding particle regulation, you may want to just move the .pcf files into a temporary folder. Otherwise, if the colors do not matter to you, you can always remove the .pcf files completely. As far as I know, not too many servers really regulate this, but I just wanted to provide a warning here anyway.

  • Please be aware that these skins are larger in size than the default game skins. They are double the image size, but they are compressed for a reasonable file size. They are larger to optimize detail, and so they look nicer in game, and not like pixellated doo-doo (though as always, opinions may vary).


  • It seems the files for a lot of the buildables got refreshed during the patch, and reverted back to their defaults. Re-installing this set will pretty much fix it.

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